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    jimTheBassPlayer got a reaction from beeskneesmommy in Just found a tick, anything I can do to reduce chances of Lyme?   
    Mom kept the tick so we're good there. And found a place to test the tick, so we're starting that process. Local Urgent Care will prescribe preventative abx with 72 hours so we're good there. We're touching base the pediatrician, would prefer to have them on board for the process preferably.
    Need to look into possible interactions between his current Meds (Intuniv 2mg) and the possible abxs he may soon be on.
    Much thanks everyone.
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    jimTheBassPlayer got a reaction from keeptrying in intuniv - helped or not?   
    Our DS12 Started Intuniv around the start of the school year ... and it did help his tics ... he was having basically constant vocal and motor tics (head rolling, and a sort of grunting/snorting noise) we were concerned as he was starting a new school (middle school) and was ticcing badly. The intuniv did help. The head rolling stopped, the vocals were reduced ... he still had some vocal, and his motor switched to a less noticable tic ... we call in "banging" where he would basically punch himself in the hip ...
    After Dentist he had a flare up of his old breathing tic ... constant deep breathing with a sighing noise, one of my least favorite of his tics ... that thankfully only lasted a few days ...
    Recently his neck roll has come back, but milder and not as frequent ... his seasonal allergies are really acting up so hoping thats the reason and that theyll subside again ... wasn't aware of the diminishing effect with Intuniv, but I'll read up a bit more on it now.
    DS has put on a little weight, he has a little gut now, he has always been as skinny a rail though ... not sure if its related, but its possible.
    Didn't have too much trouble with sleepiness, probably was groggiest when he first started, but he was getting up at 630 for middle school for first time so it could have been that.
    All in all I've been happy with it, as its made his middle school transition more manageable and the side effects have been minimal ... hopefully it continues to help, we're not really fond of meds at all, so we'd be reluctant to try others ...
    Just started trying acupuncture ... he's done it once, more of a "warm up" session as he was very nervous about it ... and his allergies have been horrible, hopefully we get more of an indication of how much that will help after the next session or two.
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