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  1. Staph not responding to ABX ? have they considered MRSA ? That can be tough. I've read a little about silver being able to tackle MRSA but don't know how much credit to give that, but there are some legit appearing articles on it, although I really know nothing about how effective it actually is. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/27431.php and this massive article certainly has a lot of info on it... http://www.worldwidewounds.com/2004/november/Thomas/Introducing-Silver-Dressings.html The conclusion seems to indicate that some silver dressings can be helpful in addressin
  2. Yes, Dr T advises to avoid S. Thermophilus. Almost all yogurt and cheese have it. You can make strep free yogurt without. Some of these starters have no strep. https://www.culturesforhealth.com/choosing-a-yogurt-starter-culture Mercola probx pills (Complete probx)have strep, but the powder packets do not, at 66 billion CFU. http://shop.mercola.com/product/probiotic-powder-packs-30-per-box-1-box,57.htm Strep free Kefir and Cultured veggies are a good option. The veggies have CFU counts in the trillions and are non-dairy. Caroline Barringer's site has strep free starters
  3. Marcel is just a dad with a daughter with Pandas, who has worked with Dr T to set up this weekly radio show. It's great that he and Dr T have put in the time and effort to do this. Very helpful.
  4. Low iron can be an indciation of Candida ... which is understandable given the antibiotics your son has been on ... were any probiotics in the picture ? (although that would not always be sufficient, as abx will fight against any non-yeast probx ) Certainly see a Pandas specialist, and have Candida on your radar, as that can certainly be part of the issue. -Jim
  5. Florastor is also a yeast probiotic, if you want to try that route. And yes most yogurt has Strep Thermophilus so you have to watch for that. You can make your own yogurt if you like ... there are some good yogurt makers out there that make it pretty easy. Then you can use your own starter that you know is strep free. Some of the starters at the link below have Strep, some do not. https://www.culturesforhealth.com/choosing-a-yogurt-starter-culture Also, you can ferment ( culture ) vegetables as well .. ( think saurkraut ) Here's a Barringer article on that. http://nutr
  6. You can find instructions on their website I believe. I think that they say to start with a teaspoon and work up from there. Yes, this link has that info. http://www.vitacost.com/natural-vitality-natural-calm-raspberry-lemon Also, what blood tests are you having done ? You say your daughter was sick, was it a fever sore throat episode ? Or something different ? Does your pediatrician "believe" in Pandas ? -Jim
  7. Live in Northern NJ and want to find a good environmental doc to hopefully help find sensitivities and triggers for my DS11. Any advice or direction would be appreciated. -Jim
  8. Chemar, Haven't noticed any negative effects of using the Mag Chloride as opposed the the Mag Sulfate. And while I knew that the Mag Sulfate can address Sulphur deficiency as well as Mag deficiency, I am not familiar with the detoxing effects of Sulphur. Could you provide some info about that ? Also, I've just started using the Natural Calm kids liquid multi, and so far it seems to be helping my ds ... the ingredients seem pretty straightforward and safe, however the inclusion of the DMAE is the one thing that I am not too familiar with. Googling hasn't really given me a lot of info, e
  9. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom Salt can sometimes be irritaing in high concentration. I use a medical grade Magnesium Chloride liquid from Health and Wisdom to do the magnesium soaks...little pricier, but the gallon bottle lasts a long time, you don't have to trouble with dissolving it, and it's less irritating on the skin. Oh and just tried Natural Calm for first time yesterday ... after being very motor ticcy all weekend with head rolling, nodding, clapping ... really the worst he has been, not sure if it's coincidince, but they basically disappeared after the Natural Calm ... problem is
  10. Does eczema indicate yeast ? My ds12 just started showing nummular dermatitis ... and i have suspected yeast for a while ... is this another positive indicator ? I have been bumping up his probiotics lately and he's ticcing pretty bad ... healing crisis ? Or conincidence ? There are so many other factors with the tics that we have not ruled out. -Jim
  11. I agree. While allergies can trigger, I do not believe that something HAS to be an allergy to trigger. Dyes, MSG for instance, being good examples.
  12. Hey Everyone, My DS11 now has a red circle on his butt ... dermatologist said dermatitis ... I believe nummular, it's the only one that comes in coin sized circles ... apparently triggerred by allergy, exacerbated by dry skin ... chronic ... avoid triggers they say lol, sounds like Tourettes. Getting me thinking that allergy could be a definite trigger for all of this. Does anyone else have any experience with this ?
  13. I think I found it. http://esciencenews.com/articles/2010/05/27/nobel.winner.ties.mental.illness.immune.defect
  14. Hi the top link does not work as you posted it ... you need to post an un-shortened URL (without the elipsis)
  15. Are you refrigerating the liquid augmentin ? It will lose potency within 24 hours at room temp.
  16. Sure I'll shoot him an email...can't hurt. Sure 20mg wouldn't have that kind of effect. Actually if my crazy little thought has any merit a couple of things would have to be true. The cell mediated immunity "off switcher" would have to be removed first ... that is abx and/or mercury (possibly there are others ?) ... ideally you would have a situation where there is no other underlying deficiency which might compromise immune function (Vit D, magnesium, zinc deficiency etc.), and then you could try 8 weeks cimetidine at high dose 30mg/kg/day and maybe it would jolt cell mediated immunity ..
  17. Actually when Tagamet is prescribed for plantar warts it is at a much higher dose ... 30mg/kg/day which for me was about 2400kg, so I was taking 12 a day! Usually 4-8 weeks. If it doesn't work by 8 weeks it probably isn't going to. I took it for 4 weeks. You are actually not relying on the histimine blocking properties of cimetidine in this case....it has been shown at these doses to have other immune modifying affects, and that's what we'd be going for here ..... specifically it's positive affects on cell mediated immunity. -Jim
  18. As a kid I learned to swallow "pills" because I hated the taste of Lima beans, and preferred swallowing them whole to eating them. lol
  19. Hi, My name is Jim, my ds11 has been having vocal tics for about a year and a half or so .... within the last few months motor tics were added to the mix and he was diagnosed with Tourettes. Then mild ocd and anxiety entered the picture, and as I began googling OCD I came across Pandas. ds Has had strep 11 times in his life ... but he always presented atypically ... no fever, no sore throat ... he'd get a red butt with some red dots on the butt ... and possibly throw up .... swab the butt , positive for strep. So I immediately began to suspect a Pandas connection. Pandas has only been
  20. If supplementing Vitamin D especially at higher doses it is also important to make sure that the various vitamin D cofactors, especially magnesium, are present. All the Vit D in the world will not have much effect if the child is magnesium deficient as well, Vit D needs Magnesium to do most everything that it does.
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