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  1. logismum- Best wishes for successful doctor visits next week! Hope everything goes well and you get a lot of answers for your DS. Safe travels!
  2. Cara- Just thought I'd mention this; There's a book called "The Disconnected Child" by Doctor Robert Melillo. It contains a treatment for neurological conditions (like TS) that is non invasive balance, listening etc. exercises. You can do them at home and it can be made to be a fun game each day. My grown daughter, who has a Masters in Occupational Therapy, read the book for me and thought the premise was a good one. Some of the exercises are the same as what she uses with her patients with cognative issues. We did the program, at home, for a couple of months and this was, again, a positi
  3. The diet changes are distressing for a kid...No birthday cake or icecream at the friends party, having to order that chicken sandwich without the bun...But we have discovered so many tasty substitutes it gets easier all the time and DD doesn't complain much anymore. DD still gets her treats, we just have to go to Whole Foods to buy them We even found a gluten and dairy free frozen pizza! I would stick with the diet if I were you, it can take time for the gut/body to heal and adjust. And, I like the Bonnies because I don't have to worry "what else is in there?" With our DD we look at the big p
  4. We saw a reduction in motor tics in about 48 hours. They went from horrible (tears and won't leave the house) to relatively tolerable . This was with a TOTAL elimination of both gluten and all dairy. It will be a year in August since she's had those foods and it's been a steady improvement when I look at the big picture. Finding out her sensitivity to eggs and peanuts, and totally eliminating those, also seemed to cause a little jump in improvement and I really think the allergy drops are helping too. We've been off of eggs and nuts and on the drops for 6 months now. Oh, and anxiety was
  5. Just started my daughter (9) on TS Plus Control about 2 weeks ago. We do 10 a day and she's a real trooper getting those big capsules down! DD started with vocal tics at age six then added motor tics, Sometimes she had 5 or six she was doing in one stretch. We went to an enviro doc and she is sensitive to quite a few foods and airborn allergens. He started her on allergy drops six months ago. We are off gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts. I run a hepa air cleaner in her room 24/7. Right now I would say she is 80-90% improved. Motor tics are gone and her little "yelps" have stopped. She
  6. I found it all so overwhelming too. I'll just mention what we did that has seemed to help a lot. We give dd (9 yrs) a teaspoon of magnesium in the AM and PM. She gets a multivitamin each morning. For a month we gave her two teaspoons of Colloidal Silver (one in the AM and PM) to treat any low grade infections she might have had. And we removed all gluten and dairy from her diet, as well as excess processed sugars. The diet was hard at first but get's easier as you know what to buy and fix. Thankfully dd loves fruits and veggies. DD has multiple motor and vocal tics that started at age 6
  7. Hi Kristy, We just started our journey with dd about 2 months ago. She's been ticcing for three years and is now nine. She has motor tics involving her from the neck up (blinking, head tossing, head shaking, a yawning thing, nose wrinkle) and vocal tics (throat clearing, blowing out her nose strongly, and a quiet little yelp sometimes). They wax and wane and not all at once of course.. Sometimes they're gone for months and we forget she even has this issue. They got more pronounced this late summer/fall and we decided she wasn't going to "grow out of them" like the pediatrician sug
  8. Alan-Please keep us posted on your experience with the BBC. I just read a bit about it and it sounds very interesting. Best wishes.
  9. Is the sugar in fruit also a common trigger for tics or just processed sugars like white, brown and corn sugars? What about honey? I've done my best to eliminate all the junk sugars from dd's diet but she LOVES fruits and I've been letting her have some honey on her gluten free waffles. Do I need to reduce the intake of these sweet fruits and honey as well to check for sugar sensitivity? Thanks! And hope all your children are having a wonderful tic reduced/free day (or a great day regardless).
  10. Hi Evemac, Thanks for your reply! It makes me feel a little vindicated in giving my poor cat her special baths. Oh boy she hates them, but she forgives me as soon as I'm done. We've had the cat for two years and I never made a connection to possible sensitivity to her dander till now. If I had to do it over there would be no cat but if I found a new home for her now, dd would be crushed... We've implemented diet restrictions, a couple of supplements, neutralized the cat, and reduced screen time and her tics are about 60 to 75 percent improved over two weeks ago. I've ordered a HEPA air
  11. Yep, tried to up dd dose to the serving suggestion on the bottle and she just came out of the bathroom and whispered to me; "Uh, Mom, I think you gave me too much of that stuff". So back to the reduced dose tomorrow.
  12. Maybe you are already aware of this diagnosis,but my 10 year old also had tics and was diagnosed with pandas. You can get more information about this at pandas network.org or on the pandas forum. Hi Blakesmom, I haven't really considered pandas for my daughter.... I looked it up though and she really doesn't have any red flags for that. She hardly ever gets sick and when she does it does not result in any more tics or different behaviors or make tics appear if she's in a quiet phase. She is cognitively the same as my older three children at this age (they're all adults now) with no OCD
  13. technodad- It looks like the same stuff but different bottle? Mine came in a green and white bottle....looks like they changed the packaging. Maybe check their web site... DD LOVES the taste of it. She says it tastes like orange sherbert. I give her a heaping teaspoon morning and evening. The package says one tablespoon a day (three teaspoons in a tablespoon) and I may up it to that soon now that I know it doesn't make her stomach hurt. When we made the appointment with the enviro doc my DH asked about our insurance and they told us the appointments and tests should be covered but p
  14. DD,9 years, has been on it three times a day for about 10 days. For us, it's no silver bullet but maybe it's helped a little, but then maybe it's just a coincidence. I don't regret ordering it and dd doesn't mind taking it. I put 5 drops in a cup of water and she downs it. Her tics have improved from some quite aggressive head shaking, throat clearing and "chirping" to much milder head shaking and quieter, less frequent chirps and throat clearing. So she's better now than 10 days ago but we have also, in this time frame, removed gluten, sweets, dairy, added the Tropical Oasis magnesium su
  15. ******** Yes, thank you! We did and it was exhausting. But at least my house finally got clean all at once! It's amazing how much one little cat sheds...I know it takes awhile for the dander to be completely gone, supposedly the shampoo will help a lot.
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