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  1. You appear to have the same scenario going on that my sons and many others here have, Strep, Lyme, OCD. Getting the infections under control should help but of course this is easier said than done when you have a certain genetic makeup. You may want to check into the methylation issue if you haven't already. You can look into the 23 and me test which will show you where your biochemistry is compromised, then may be able to supplement to correct the deficiencies. there is much information on this forum about this. It is not an easy thing to get help with but more docs are starting to be a
  2. Thanks juliafaith, that is amazing about the blood work aligning with the ART testing. Who would have thought? We have no ins. coverage for ND care unless it is billed under MD. those in our area charge well over $100/visit last I checked. It sounds like you've found a good situation but I couldn't travel to west coast. We've been traveling to CT for 7 years for Dr. J and Dr. B among others, staying in the Ronald McDonald house, which unfortunately is coming to an end since ds is 21. The travel is wearing me down anyway.
  3. This topic hits me in the gut! It is one of my biggest stressors. My youngest was homebound since the age of 13 and on up during high school. His friends (had many) moved on. As he started to feel better I just think he had trouble relating after all he had been through and the maturity he acquired. Also not going through high school, puts one at a social disadvantage. He returned to boy scouts which was a great experience. Fast forward to the present, he is a junior living away at college and has adjusted well to academic life, although still no social life. He is just too sick with s
  4. thanks smarty. We have done things naturopathically for a long time, a little homeopathy but not as much. He had IVIG as much as the insurance would cover which wasn't enough. It did cure his movement disorder problem (blinking) very quickly but has not helped mediate the autoimmune component of Lyme, still symptomatic. He also still has a touch of OCD, I would love to find an integrative MD such as you are describing. Is he in the northeast and would you share his name? It is encouraging to hear you have had success with this type of treatment.
  5. Hi All, Would anyone like to comment on whether or not they have had success with ART? Tried it for my ds 21 last year but he didn't buy into it...did not believe it could possibly be an effective tool. He is very analytical, (an engineering student). I think the practitioner was not a good choice either. He had been on the waiting list for Dr. Marc Schwartz in Glenside PA and after 1 1/2 years is able to schedule an apt. now. He has just started with Dr. T and we are very impressed with him. Pandas is mostly resolved, however the chronic fatigue from Lyme continues and was recentl
  6. You guys are great, I should have been on the forum along time ago. i have just returned from a funeral and am feeling very ill so will absorb the details when recovered. Many ideas here to think about. SF mom, I did the stool test this morning on my way out the door to the funeral. That was fun, and how coincidental you should ask. LLM, ds20 has been sick and treating for 8 years. ds28 was only dx with Lyme about 3 years ago and PANDAS 1 1/2 years ago but had been having psych symptoms for years. If it had not been for ds20 we never would have known what really caused his problems. Bo
  7. again thanks LLM! The trouble with finding a new LLMD is the question do we go as apackage deal and spend 3 times the cost or does one try and then the others. I get so confused with all of these doctors. My ds20 is aging out of Dr. J's care after 7 years. He did wonders for him along with Dr. B and IVIG but we had never addressed the alternative route to any great extent. Early on we did but he was homebound and I had difficulty getting him to apts. At that point nothing seemed to make any difference. He was so sick I believe he would have died if we had stayed with mainstream care. Wh
  8. Wow you do know your stuff! Can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain all of this. I have spent hours on the MTHFRsupport.com website but have not read anything by Yasko. Is that where you get your best info? I think you are exactly right about the high metals. I recently saw a dentist who specializes in removing the mercury amalgams safely but he would not remove any until I am tested. My LLMD will not test me until I have them taken out since she says I will just be positive. So I got my GP to order a test. Have not had it done yet because I am very low functioning and
  9. Thanks, from all my research it looks like it could be key to why we have not made enough progress with all the treatment we have had. I am becoming very cautious before jumping into anything since we have spent a fortune and are still sick. Actually the boys are much more improved than I am. They were given the methylfolate and methylb12 which is the "available" form you are supposed to need if you have these mutations and they tolerated it. I started it and felt like I was hit by a truck. Also felt like I would jump out of my skin, severe anxiety,rage, and shaking, etc. I stopped taking
  10. Hi all, I don't get on the forum often as I would like since I am so ill. We are getting started with the MTHFR gene mutation issue. Myself and one son are homozygous for A1298C and other son hetero for 677/1298. I am looking at the MTHFR support website and wondering if any of you have done the 23 and me test and if so, any success? Our current functional LLMD does not think that MTHFR is important since "all my pts. have it". Background, we all have Lyme and coinfections (longterm), boys have PANDAS, and immune deficiency. thanks in advance for sharing.
  11. I can totally relate. We are all doing the best we can. I also feel that I have PTSD. After 10 years of dealing with illness, how can you not? My son who is in his 20's now, wrote a song and sang it to me with his guitar after he was feeling better, on Christmas morning. He thanked me for standing by him and putting up with all of it. It was very emotional and made it all worth it. I would expect your daughter will also develop this insight later with maturity. I tried talking with a counselor after becoming repeatedly frustrated and angry with those around me that did not under
  12. In our experience, Augmentin seemed to help while waiting 4 months to start IVIG. He also did have some relief with psych meds. These diseases present uniquely in each individual. They are still learning what to do. I would expect to get some help from the antibiotics alone, then make a decision after you see what happens. best of luck to you
  13. My ds was on rifampin along with many other antibiotic combinations and other meds (ssri and others). Dr. J always said it was not a problem as it would only make the other meds slightly less effective. I chose not to stress about it and he is now bart free. Hope this is helpful.
  14. We have been going to Dr. B for 1 1/2 years and at the start I asked this question. I was told that the only way he will do it is if administered in the office infusion center, and that he could not be responsible for any other method. It IS very costly and difficult. I understand and hope you are able to work it out. I have found that most everyone there comes from out of state or even country. As far as any meds given for IV insertion, I don't know since my kids are older and tolerate it well.
  15. Thanks so much! This may be important to our family as we have struggled for many years with Lyme,pandas, psych issues and immune deficiency. I sent you a pm.
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