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  1. Steroids are contraindicated with any infectious disease. Lowering the immune system is the worst possible thing one can due with an infectious disease.
  2. This is why we have a problem with abx overuse and resistance to bacteria. Dig the head of the tick out before it causes a localized infection. It is INSANITY to think that every single tick bite immediately be treated with abx. The average person in my area of the rural countryside gets a 25-100 tick bites a year. Literally millions of people get many many millions of tick bites a year and nothing happens. I stated abx (200mg twice a day of doxy X 4 weeks) after a tick bite with an expanding rash and still got chronic batonella from it because doxy does not kill bart. Really one tick bite, e
  3. C4a is NOT mold dependent. C4A is just an indication of inflammation and be a result of many sources. Shoemaker is adamant that only Quest perform C4a because they send the test out to "The performance characterisitcs of this test have been validated by National Jewish Clinical Reference Laboratories. It has not been cleared or approved the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The results are not intended to be used as the sole means for clinical diagnosis or patient management decisions. This laboratory is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA-88) a
  4. Prednisone is inactive until it passes through the liver and is activated by enzymes in the liver. Prednisone convert to the active metabolite prednisolone. Giving prednisolone ensures that if the liver is inefficient the body still received the proper dosage.
  5. Dear Rowingmom, You seemed to have both misunderstood my posts and misrepresented my position as a result. You accuse me "If you think that the presence of ephedra compounds in the sida species is unacknowledged by Buhner, that you are outing his protocols, you are very wrong". When in fact I said "You should also be aware that Sida Acuta which is a major part of Burhner's protocol has ephedra in it. When I took it it was last summer (before I started biaxin) and I was sitting outside in 85 degree whether with a robe on and shivering". I never suggested or inferred that I was outing Burhn
  6. No single drug can kill bart. It has to be a combo. The 2 best drugs are baixin and rifabutin. Rifabutin has less side effects than rifampin. Azithromycin has shown to be ineffective with bart. Breitschwerdt has said they see early resistance to azith in animals and have move to biaxin as a result.
  7. You need to understand that biaxin (which I am taking with rifabutin) is a major C3A4 inhibitor. This means biaxin can affect the bioavailability (usually but nor always increase) of many drugs and herbs. Because many herbs are poorly understood you are taking unknown risks adding herbs to biaxin. You should also be aware that Sida Acuta which is a major part of Burhner's protocol has ephedra in it. When I took it it was last summer (before I started biaxin) and I was sitting outside in 85 degree whether with a robe on and shivering. These herbs are very powerful and with children one has to
  8. Lot of good easy to read material. http://mthfr.net/ This one is rather complex and hard to read. http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/the-stages-of-methylation-and-healing.21725/ Red
  9. I recently took 6 weeks off of AZ and doxy to be retested by Galaxy for bartonella. I was not finished with antibiotics by any means; the test was to gather further information. I declined severely while off meds and I notice my GI problems returned. In my case I will have multiple loose stools and get completely washed out as a result. This problem returned after a few weeks off antibiotics. Just one take on at least trying AZ and see how he responds. Red
  10. A protein has been identified that ultimately will lead to much better testing results to find active lyme disease. As we all know to well the inadequacies of present lyme test this one looks very promising: because if you have the protein in your blood then it proves you have active lyme and need treatment. Now all we have to wait for is getting this test on the market. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/03/130326194140.htm Red
  11. Vit D is absolutely essential to immune function. Anybody who thinks starving their body of Vit D to starve lyme is making a huge mistake. As for starving Lyme here is a recent article about manganese Quirky Lyme Disease Bacteria: Unlike Most Organisms, They Don't Need Iron, but Crave Manganese http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/03/130321205712.htm Red
  12. I had very similar situation with a bit more history to it as I did high doses of doxy on the 1st day of rash and still got extremely fatigued. Over the years I recovered but had low grade chronic symptom like yours but then really crashed this past year. I had every work up for everything and all normal except for bartonella per galaxy diagnostics. I recently sought a 2nd opinion and just finished 6 weeks off antibiotics which made me so sick that I no longer have the strength to drive a car one mile. A heavy price to pay for a 2nd bart test. I am back on doxy and AZ and will add low dose rif
  13. From this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/18/human-parasites-video_n_2679698.html (there is also a video for those interested) "Did you know that only one in ten of the cells in your body is actually human? That's right. A whopping 90 percent of your cells are bacterial, viral, or parasitic in nature. The NIH's Human Microbiome Project is ambitiously aiming to characterize the microbial communities living in us. And while the vast majority of these germs are symbionts, once in a while, we pick up a straggling critter that's not just along for the ride--it's there to leac
  14. I do not see any problem using a laundry mat. Find a clean one and take your clean clothes out of the washer and put it right into dryer. Then take them right out of the dryer and stuff directly into a plastic bag. You will have to deal with the wrinkles and creases later. You are not going to get mold from a washing machine that has had soapy water in it. I think you have been meticulous and sure you will not get ever last spore. Electronics are OK just do not take them apart in the house if they need fixing. The most likely have some spores inside but that is small potatoes. I would never
  15. It is physically impossible to make a clean room in a house and then move things into that room. 1. you cannot clean a table, move it through a moldy area without re-contaminating it. 2. The moment you open the door to the "clean room" it is no longer a clean room. Spores are in the air all the time and especially when one is moving around. Everything has to leave the house, clean it and then bring it back into a clean house. I was NOT laundering clothes in a moldy location. All laundering was done out of the house. All contaminated bags were not reused for clean clothes. They became garbag
  16. Although this article references Ritchie Shoemaker it fails to mention the real ERMI testing. Shoemaker is a big proponent of ERMI testing like the kind performed by Mycometrics http://www.mycometrics.com/ All mold spores tend to fall and settle out on horizontal surfaces. So mycometrics offers a sterile test kit that you attach to your vacuum cleaner. You vacuum a specific area, reseal the canister and send it in for analysis. Another way of perform this test is to put out a large clean plastic garbage type bag and place it on an elevated surface like a cleaned off table. You let all dus
  17. Cholestyramine does NOT bind only to toxins. CSM is a bile binding salt. It literally binds to the bile and removes the bile directly. The liver then has to make new clean bile to replace what CSM just removed. Otherwise bile keeps recycling itself and mold stays in bile. The only way toxins get removed is if the toxins are in the bile. Mold toxins are fat soluble and therefore easily dissolved in cholesterol. That is why CSM works so well on mold. CSM was designed to remove cholesterol and it just so happens mold is in solution with cholesterol. It remains to be proven that bacterial neurotox
  18. I have had extensive experience with mold remediation. anything like tables and hard surface furniture that can be cleaned BEFORE you move into your new apartment is OK. All soft goods like clothes have to be washed in soapy water: no dry cleaning as it does not remove spores from clothes. We found that a lot of "dry clean only" items came out undamaged from a regular washing machine. As for using bleach on clothes it is unnecessary as the soapy water will take out the mold. Besides that you do not need to expose yourself to chlorine fumes. As for using chlorine directly on mold do not bother
  19. Yes I am positive about refrigeration. I have received it both from a compounding pharmacy and Duke Children's Hospital Pharmacy and both said refrigerate. Yes my herxs are horrible. They retard my treatment as I have to lower meds to keep them under control. My LLMD says I have the most pain of all her bart patients. And yes rifampin is notorious for interfering with many medications including doxy. Rifampin causes the liver to super-metabolize many drugs before they can enter the blood stream. But it is dose dependent. In other words it happens much more at higher doses. I have a program
  20. Liquid rifampin can be compounded. I get my done at the hospital pharmacy but there are compounding pharmacies that also do it. I cannot tolerate adult doses of rifampin. In fact my bartonella is very susceptible to rifampin but the herxs are severe. Last night after restarting rifampin 4 days ago ( I worked my way up to 20 mg twice a day) I had the most severe herx ever. It was mind boggling painful for 3 hours. Even with lots of vicodin and xanax. I will have to take a day off and restart at 5 mg. I will probably try pulsing rifampin every other day. I wish I had access to morphine to hel
  21. Red, I have no scientific papers on epsom salt baths, but I do know that sweating and opening skin pores can be an effect detox mechanism in general. But you say clay can contain toxins. Do you have any papers to support this? I don't use clay so I have no dog in the race but in one breath you rail against folklore but in the next breath make a similar claim against clay. I was wondering if you had anything you could share on this as it would be a really important piece of information. As for detox, I feel you can do much more than just eating correctly and keeping inflammation in check.
  22. First you need to understand that Zhang's protocol is not Traditional Chinese Medicine. What he has done is make pharmaceutical grade products from herbs. Now many standard western drugs begin as herbs first and then they are often synthesized. Rifampin is a perfect example as if was first found in the bark of pine trees in France. So you have to understand you are giving your child pharmaceutical grade high strength drugs. Regardless of what Dr. Weil says these medicines have to be treated like others. I do not think major herxing is good. I think it is a stressor on the body and in a child i
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