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    Thanks all for the reassurance .
    I know I won't get fast results but the diet restrictions and extra supplements etc are such a lot of effort and work - and the diet part has been for over a year now but no real change in symptoms . It gets disheartening and I guess I'm just wondering how long do we wait before we try something else and what would it be ? Feels like a puzzle that can never be solved . He has just started at a new school and we have mined house so again I'm questioning triggers - but they are so hard to narrow down and nothing really stands out .
    Chemar yes he had blood tests for pandas too and it has been ruled out .
    I just want something to work . To give us some hope . Predominant it is severe eye blinking and it is just non stop and has stuck around for almost a year now and is worsening .
    I wish there was something I knew would help with just that alone.
    Does anyone think the treatment he is on might be the cause of worsening symptoms ? Do they look like things that might cause initial worsening or are they too unfamiliar to you to know ?
    I really really appreciate the feedback thank you all so much
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    Hi everyone ,
    Just ambling along slowly in this journey of trying to treat my 6 yr old sons tics - and I have a few qs I would love your thoughts on :
    1) what to do about increased tics from nerves / excitement ?? Anything ?? I don't want to avoid these situations but he is definitely worse when they occur and I just wonder if anyone ever found something that helped with that ??
    2) would you say that when someone says ' we tried all the alternatives - nothing worked for us' that basically they have just not exhausted the options ? It's such a puzzle and I can understand anyone saying it all got too hard . I just wonder if you think that the puzzle can be solved if you keep going with alternate options / diet /etc or are there really cases whereby no its just got to be ' lived with ' .
    3) my son has had a hair analysis come back and say he washing in copper amongst a few other things and very high in magnesium ( he takes natural calm and has eps salt baths ) so we have eased off the mag- or should we stick with it even if the levels are high ?? She has given him fish oil ( just DHA ) , glutathione and a multivitamin for now and said come back in 6 months. He has been on those now for approx 3 weeks , no change yet. - possibly slight worsening . - vocals have started .
    3) Our chiro said his head was a bit out of line and has given us a number for the craniosacral therapist . I emailled her and shensaidshe has no experience with the condition but imagines that she would help with him his anxiety , irritability etc . Which may then help tics . Anyone found this ?
    Also interersted in acupuncture but not so sure he will handle the needles .
    Thanks everyone , would your thoughts x
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