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  1. Hi HelenJenn, it's not surprised that you son's tics gone after this diet...after studying it on web further and watching the videos below has helped to understand this diet thing is much more profound than it seems...one lady asked how about how to regulate immune system, the answer seems lay in the guts. thanks for sharing your story, it makes me wanting to start this diet. Have been on GFCF diet, not enough. DD8 also has tics. Would love to communicate with you regarding this. Can you PM me or is it ok I pm you? It's quite intimidating to start with the intro diet as you did it. I
  2. colleenrn Can you tell me where you get babesia test done? My ILADS tested DD8 for babesia through Igenex, nagetive. Now DD8 has been under treatment since August...thanks for you post to remind me I need to do another babesia test..according to ILADS, regular labs (covered by insurance) does not test babesia...I have an appointment with this Dr this afternoon at 4:15..will ask her again. We are following Zhang's protocol for babesia..she herxed on the fifth day..I really should have her tested again. Thanks so much! Hang in there. Zhang's website : www.zhangsclinicnyc.com
  3. We drove 20 hrs to a BBC near us, ready to start the program. after the evaluation (test), total 3 hrs. we are told that my DD8 is a borderline case, basicly BBC program will help, but doing the program at home should be sufficient. Similar to yours, DD has tic, anxiaty issues which is mild. She is functioning well in and out of school...their test confirmed DD is accademicly gifted. right after the test, we have our lyme test back, indicating infection. So we did not do the program and came home started lyme treatment. So here is what I am thinking: 1. Definately go through the test
  4. Hi Priscilla, Thanks for sharing your amazing story..I went to read your old posts, somehow I can only see the first page, not the rest..(any tricks here?) When you say you had "PANDAS/Lyme" diagnosis, Do you mean your DD actually had it or is it a false positive due to vaccine? Did you treat lyme specificly? My DD8 has quite a few positive lyme bands, ILAD wants treatment, but I am still not sure if lyme is true for us. So I opt for a more natural treatment (Zhangs protocol). Thanks again for giving us hope and courage!
  5. Could you PM me too. Thanks so much for sharing...This is the first time I heard about it...need to do more research, will also ask my ILAD.
  6. Thank you so much LLM for your information and experience with this. That's the next piece I need to figure out with my DD8. I am going to ask my ILADS about this and looking for a DAN in my area. Thanks again for your detailed explanation.
  7. Hi LLM, Can you tell me how to check methylation status, including transsulfuration pathway? Thanks!
  8. Thank you all for your replies and your informative discussions! I am trying to learn everything I can to help, So far we have visited more than a dozen of Drs, wasted/aganized over more than a year of time, not one remotely suggested to test for lyme. When I asked about it, the answer would be 'not possible'. Finally I found an ILADS got her tested...I am sick of these Drs..and am still upset that I did not found out about it sooner..It's been over a year since her onset (fever/vomit/pain), wasted early treatment oppotunity. I will never trust any one Dr again. The point is, To protect your f
  9. I'd like to share my experience with Dr Zhang's protocol, and to see if anyone else has used it and what's the outcome. My DS8 has been on Dr Zhang's protoc0l for a month. It's chinese herbs extract in capsules. On the fifth day of treatment, DS started to have fever of 102 for 2 days, then I lower the dose to 1/2, and she continued to have fever for another 2 days, with headache, fatigue, muscle pain etc. I put her on full dose again once her fever was gone ( total 4 days, later I learned from LLMD that I should have not used tylenol unless it's 104, she said it's good to let it out, ty
  10. Just joined this forum, wish I joined earlier and I would be aware enough to have tested my daughter earlier...Just got her blood test results from LAB CORP: Borrelia: IgG P58 present IgM P23 Present Bartonella: negative Babesia: no testing Ehrlichiosis: IgM positive Mycoplasma: IgG, IgM both positive HHV6 antibody positive This ILADs lyme Dr told me there is no need to do further testing, should start treatment based on test and symptoms, which is on 3 antibiotics for 2 yrs duration, and there is no garantee of a cure (relapse not unconman)..I am just devastated
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