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  1. I know October seems a long time to wait . . . but, Latimer is worth it! Best of luck.
  2. hmmm. Autoimmune stuff is tricky. Thanks for the info. My daughter has other abnormal too. They all point to autoimmune. All are suggestive. But from what I read none definitive. Came in the mail. Wish the doctor had called to explain all this. She was in for a PANDAS check.
  3. Thanks . Can this be because of PANDAS or is it does it have to be other autoimmune?
  4. I used the pandas network letter (and had it signed by our doctor) . This year I am asking teachers to watch Charlie's 2 minute video: http://www.thepandaseffect.com/Video.html Good luck . . . I wish it was easier to explain!
  5. Does anyone know what this means? Anti-nuclear AB positive. (abnormal) Pattern speckled. Thanks!
  6. One thing so many of have in common is not taking care of ourselves. (And I am not talking trips to the islands and pedicures). I am talking simple basic needs. It is so thoughtful of you to protect your husband so he doesn't panic but maybe he would want to support you through this? Maybe he can help? You know your family best . . . it just sounds to me like you need a break . Hope things turn around soon . . . xxxooo
  7. I am new to this forum . . . and I promise not to always answer by ruthlessly plugging my blog, however, I just had the same questions you have. Here are my experiences (hope you enjoy ) and what I discovered on the safety of ibuprofen: http://blog.thepandaseffect.com/2012/07/06/to-give-or-not-to-give--that-is-the-question.aspx
  8. We held our son back in third grade and it was the best thing we ever did. He was "fine and average" academically, but with the wrong peer group. Chronologically he was their age, however, he was very young developmentally. (He had strep 3 times in second grade.) We moved him in Jan. and the kids were educated and prepared before the move. It went so smoothly and he was so relieved to be where he belonged. I NEVER thought it could go so well or be so easy. Having academic stress on top of the "regular PANDAS worries" is tough. If you do decide to "change grades" (that's what we called it) it will probably be far more difficult on you than on your sweet girl ) Uggg. I remember how hard this decision is Good luck with yours!
  9. Sounds more like the strep is not clearing . . . maybe need a different antibiotic or it could be harboring in tonsils (we've had lots of this ) Good luck!
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