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  1. I have been in a relationship for over a year now and from the beginning I knew my partner had an OCD. He has been treated for this with CBT but doesn't think OCD is part of our relationship. My partner doesn't like to talk to me about anything to do with OCD and says it has nothing to do with our relationship. He says he doesnt want to talk to me or anyone about it but because I dont understand his OCD it's difficult for me to help and understand him. I have researched OCD but feel that it can't be genralised so just reading about OCD won't help me fully understand my partner. I dont want to force him to talk about it but I do feel like it puts me under stress without talking about it and without him giving me the chance to understand. My partner sometimes tells me he cant see me on a day we have planned to meet but just says its because he cant be bothered to and that causes an argument and after we have argued he tells me its because of his OCD and it makes me feel awful to think I have argued with him about it and I think the only way that this can be resolved is if he talks to me about his OCD a little bit more. I dont have any experience of OCD so I don't know what to do and feel as though I can't tell my partner that I wish he would talk to me about it. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone help me understand more? I would really appreciate others help or thoughts and opinions.
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