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    Shortly after my son turned 6, he had a sudden & acute head tic, then later with other motor & vocal tics.
    We have done the following treatments: acunpuncture, chiropractic, CST, Chinese medicine, ND with supplements, NAET & Bioset.
    My son's tics did calm down after about 2 acunpuncture sessions, but the needles caused him much stress & anxiety, so we abandon this treatment plan.
    My son had modest improvement with chiropractic.
    NAET has eliminated his asthma and chronic bloody nose. It also helped some with his environmental allergies.
    CST has been very helpful with his neck pain that triggers his neck tic. It is almost completely gone.
    Unda #s from my son's ND seems to be helpful as well.
    Kids Calm & epsom bath is very helpful for stablizing the tics.
    I have switched from NAET to Bioset recently. I believe this will eliminate my son's allergies and tics. I will report more on this after more treatments.
    Finding a qualified practitioner made a world of difference in my son's well being & tics. We have gone thru 2 CST therapists and the 3rd one who is also my son's ND gave very positive result. Also, we have gone thru 2 NDs. My son's first ND caused more damage than good. However, our current ND made progress with my son.
    My son is 98% tic free and when he is waxing, it is mild & infrequent and gone within days or sometimes just hours. Even when he is waxing, he is about 90% better than before. For parents out there who are new to this, i would say things do get better and become manageable. I have great hope that many of you will find your way and my son will be completely tic-free.
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