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  1. My six year old was diagnosed with PANDAS a month ago by a PANDAS doc. On the list of symptoms, she ticked just about everyone and had elevated tithers -- 607 on the ASO and 597 on the DNASE. She was given 14 days of Augmentin, and we saw a complete remission of her symptoms (OCD, attention, mood etc). It was a total transformation. Then two-days post antibiotic, the symptoms began to return. Now two weeks later, they are as bad as they were before the Augmentin. The doctor has prescribed another 14-day round of Augmentin, but says if symptoms, IVIG is our next step.


    I know that IVIG will likely help, but I was hoping to try a longer course of abx before pulling out the big guns (which won't be covered by insurance). I'm not sure I understand the two weeks on abx, two weeks off, two weeks on, IVIG approach. Can anyone weigh in?


    Thank you.

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