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  1. wow im amazed at this!!!! ive never heard of other people who can do the alphabetizing. i also see the words in my mind as they fall downward into place. ive found that i can do it regular (aeglrru) or backwards (urrlgea) and sometimes i can do whole sentences with upto 26 letters. i dont know why its 26 but thats just about all my mind can handle. i think its ironic that 26 is the number of letters in the alphabet. that may be it. i have become a phenomenon with all the people i meet including my high school, college, and football team. everyone asks me to do the "alphabetizing thing". ive been doing it since i was 12 but i never told anyone until i was 15 or so. i thought it might freak people out that all i do when im looking at anything or listening to anyone, im alphabetizing the words in my head the whole time. i also find myself counting things in 8's because for some reason 8 is the perfect number and anything with 8 is perfectly symmetrical and it makes me feel better. i also have to even myself out all the time. what i mean by this is if i press on something hard with my left index finger, i have to press on the same thing with the same amount of pressure with my right index finger or i will feel off balance which makes me feel anxious. its weird and i feel crazy when i do it but i have to or i feel bad. i have been thinking about going to see a doctor to figure out what it is but now i realize that it is common...sort of. well, either way, im just glad other people can do it too.
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