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  1. My son age 16 has been dealing with pandas since age 12. He started with a few tics and mostly germ ocd. He has been taking augmentin 500mg 2x day since age 13. He was doing quite well and the tics only return now when he is stressed for some reason. This past summer he got beat up by one of the boys at school and immediately started having tics and issues again. Once school started again I could tell his symptoms were worsening but now he is in a full blown panic. He started with these intrusive thoughts that he cannot seem to get past. No matter how much "proof" or common sense I provide hi
  2. My DS had mono a couple of years ago and i didn't see any spike in symptoms as a result. As a matter of fact, when he had the symptoms of mono (fever, tiredness, sore throat) his pandas symptoms disappeared ( tics, anxiety, ocd) once mono resolved pandas symptoms started creeping back. Then started his antibiotics again.
  3. We are in the same boat as you. DS now 15 has been on treatment augmentin for 3 yrs now. He is stable and going through puberty so this summer we have decided to try stopping his abx. I started by reducing the daily dose in half for about a month then I completely stopped the antibiotics and only give a daily probiotic. So far so good. We started reducing dose at end of April and had stopped completely by end of May. He did complain of sore throat a couple weeks ago so I gave him a week at full dose just to be cautious but then stopped completely again. He goes to see our pandas doctor in a
  4. Here is an update, I got tired of waiting for the test strips to get here, so I went ahead and just took him to a family clinic. Didn't go into the whole pandas thing figured they would think I was some Wacko parent or something, said I wanted to check for infection and I mainly just wanted a test for protein or blood in urine. They ran the test and said it was clear. I feel a lot better now but still will check it every so often. The test strips have finally arrived and now I can just check it myself. The times I have asked him to show me after he goes it has been really foamy though. It
  5. Ok, I know this is an old post but I am sorta freaking out right now. My son was diagnosed in 2012 with pandas and demonstrated tics and anxiety,cod and all the other crap that goes along with it. He has been on long term augmentin and is doing much much better now. He just turned 15. I have stopped his antibiotics several times but have always needed to go back to them when symptoms returned. We are trying to wean him off again now that it is summer. He looks so much better now than he ever has so we are keeping our fingers crossed on that. Here is why I am freaking out now. Back abou
  6. It sounds like your dd is super smart. She has to be to try to figure out how to get around all of these rules. I don't have an answer for you as to if this is related to any illness, but to me it definitely sounds like she is bored. She is looking for attention and is doing everything she can to test your patience. This is her game. She is always trying to stay one step ahead of you with all of this rebellious behavior. It sounds like all of the obvious pandas/pans behaviors have diminished. Before when she had all the obvious symptoms I am sure she was also seeking your attention but in a di
  7. My son used it and had no adverse side effects. I checked with our pandas doc before I gave it to him and she said that it should be fine but to just stop using if anything out of the normal happens. We had no problems.
  8. I got the nasty cold last week as well and I kept my distance from my son while I didn't feel well, but I also reassured him that I did not have fever and I was prob not contagious at that point but I still " kept my distance for a couple days. I also reassured him that he is on abx so at least he is somewhat protected just in case it was bacterial. He did not catch whatever I had. I wouldn't make a big deal about it, and just see if she gets over this one in a few days. Try not to stress out just yet, you will run yourself down making your own immune system vulnerable. I'm sure she will
  9. Germ fears are one of my sons biggest fears. He won't eat food cooked by anybody he doesn't know well, because he doesn't know how clean they are. He washes his hands two or three times before he eats, and he always worries about getting sick. Yes, I have always said to wash hands and stuff, but kids hear this stuff everyday. Doctors tell kids, "wash your hands". Teachers are constantly spraying Lysol, and handing out sanitizer. There are signs in restrooms saying wash hands. Yes, this is a difficult cod behavior to stop. How do you say, oh, you'll be fine, or it will be ok. When everywhe
  10. Just a thought, what if you go, but have a backup plan. Such as, if she gets out of control you and her could go check into a nearby hotel. That way you avoid any embarrassment it might cause to be around other people who don't understand. My son is now in 9th grade and he loves doing speech and debate tournaments with his school. Most of these tournaments require an overnight stay. He really wants to be there to hangout with his friends and have fun, but his ocd and nightly rituals cause him so much anxiety that he is overwhelmed. Usually what I do is chapparone and get my own room.
  11. Thanks chemar, that is the first sort of confirmation I have had that the dialation drops may have triggered this.
  12. we see an ophthalmologist, as opposed to an optometrist, they always dialate our eyes unless we specifically request not to, so they can check the back of the eye for any damage and such.
  13. My son has strep induced pandas, but just wanted to let you know he got his first major flair in sixth grade he was almost 12. It started when he woke up one morning and had a head nod tic that started overnight and he could not stop. He is now 14 1/2 and doing much better but he still has mild flairs. He is on abx and I feel that that has helped keep this from getting really bad. It has been 2 1/2 years for us and it is still not over. Hoping it will subside soon.
  14. She could also be having panic attacks which can feel like shortness of breath/racing heart. Also, anxiety causes this which is one of the main symptoms of pandas/pans. I had a lot of anxiety when I was just out of college/ just married/ and starting my first real job. It all hit me at once. I really felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I was trying to take deep breaths like yawning and couldn't do it. It was very scary. I went to my doctor and they ran a lot of tests only to tell me it was most likely anxiety. Well, ya think..... Funny thing was, I didn't think I was stressed at all
  15. Thanks for your responses, the blinking seems to be a little better today so I am hoping this is a mini-flair. I still don't know if this is just a coincidence but next time we will prob. opt out of the dialation just to be safe. I have been on this board for over two years now and just have never seen this topic discussed before.
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