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  1. thank you all for your guidance. We are pretty much in crisis mode right now as this is all very new to us and I needed to hear that this is one battle I could concede on. Kim
  2. Hi, My son just had strep throat which I have no idea how long he had it, had exacerbation of anxiety and OCD symptoms for 4 weeks prior. he fits the description of PANDAS. I did not tell school that he has PANDAS yet as I haven't yet had his DAN write that down or conclude that officially....although every health professional I have come in contact with (through family screening) seems to indicate he is. Anyhow, they have had him going to the bathroom in the nurse's office because at times, my son still needs assistance. I wrote in to ask them to think of an alternative bat
  3. Hi, I am new to this. have a Dan doctor who obviously believes in/is familiar with PANDAS. Working with peditrician right now who is aware of PANDAS but not sure just how much. What would be your recommendation on a scientific article to take with me. I made another appt. to request a recheck throat swab after 5 day z pack. Thanks, Kim
  4. Mayzoo, Thank you so much for your response and your link to your story. I am so happy your daughter is doing better and I pray we can get there too. I am currently on hold at the doctor's office to schedule repeat strep test for Thursday as this is end of antibiotics. I also want to ask them if they did a sensitivity on the throat culture that was sent out. Atleast I hope that they sent it out even though it rapid tested positive. I appreciate any information that anyone can share. Today, he has continued to have some of the same issues....not leaving my side, stuck
  5. My son has autism.....almost 9 years old. Was doing well. Every winter though, he has exacerbations of anxiety and need for repetition of certain words, also phrases that cause him anxiety and he must have them repeated. Also, he goes through phrases where he needs hoh to write and he hates to color. That is HOH too. This would gradually improve towards May and through the summer. Something else that rings a bell now is I had stopped his VSL 3 probiotic that does have strep in it. When I saw him going downhill in Feb. I restarted it as I had no idea this could be strep PANDAS problem.
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