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  1. Similar story, Heres what has worked for me (and my oldest son). I spent a year doing everything...and i started seeing a positive impact after putting epson salts in his bath. That got me thinking, he might have a mineral deficiency. When I gave him Floradix liquid magnesium (1 capful in am, quickly increased to 1 more capful before dinner). At the same time I removed milk (not due to diagnosed allergy but because calcium needs magnesium to absorb in the body, and I suspected he was lacking magnesium!). Game changer. What I give is double the recommended for his age (7), but it has changed his life and ours. His tics, aggression, insomnia, eating habits, have all slowly disappeared. He now asks for it and knows it helps him. When he does not get the magnesium, it's awful, so we travel with a cooler bc it has to be refrig. They also have liquid products with zinc and calcium, so you may want to see what works best for him. I just use the plain magnesium one. I used to put in OJ and now he drinks it straight. I buy my bottles at Whole Foods but I'm sure you can find elsewhere (it's avail online too). I hope it helps!!
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