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  1. Hi Mary - Yes, I could very much relate to your comments. In fact, I printed out your question and Dr. McCandless' response, and have been showing it to people whom I'm trying to convince that this biomedical approach makes sense for issues outside the autistic spectrum. (hope that's OK with you...) Our particular interest is mood disorders - bipolar disorder in particular. We've been gluten-free, casein-free for 2 years, which improved things greatly, but hasn't been enough. I recently learned about Dr. McCandless and her book, and it has given me new hope that might be able to treat this without traditional psychopharmacology. Through this forum, I learned about a McCandless conference for parents which is being held in Fall River, MA, this Friday. I got some welcoming feedback from the organizer of the conference, and she gave me the sense that it would be valuable for me even though we weren't on the spectrum. I feel like I'm still in the trenches, and don't have alot of excess energy for the kind of mobilizing that you know needs to happen. I'm trying to educate myself about what will help my son the most, and deal with the demands of daily living with a challenging child. I encourage you to keep speaking out. Write that book if you can. You're not alone. Julie
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