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  1. thanks very much guys, i really appreciate it.
  2. Hi everybody, Well i recently was at my cousin's house and there was a lady there that studied autism and other disorders like that. She noticed that i had many features that people with OCD have and she explained some signs and I noticed then that it was kind of weird what i was doing but i thought it was normal. Well the most annoying thing is DEFINATLY being even. This has litrally taken over my life!!! Even as i type now i have to press a key with my left hand and then my right and rub out 1. If one elbo is going over the edge of a desk i have to touch my other elbo off the edge and this is repeated many times. Everything i do HAS to involve left and right being even and if somebody bumps into my by accident on the left i would 'accidently' bump into somebody with the right. I could go on for hours if i said everything that had to be equal. I also have this strange 'box' shaped obsession. For example, if i put my hand on a desk i would have to make a square shape clockwise and then anti-clockwise. This would be repeated until it fely like it was 'even' or 'right'. Is all of this common????
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