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  1. Susan, I can understand your son wanting to stop. Sometimes it drives me mad that I count and alphabetize persistently but if my mind has plenty to occupy it then the counting becomes a bit quieter - kind of like wallpaper. I do a similar thing to your son in that I count in multiples even if I know the multiples don't match. I also group letters into multiples - to take the earlier example of ' the dog is really hungry' I would see it as 'thedog really hungry' and then add 'is'. I see patterns in everything and will count the same pattern over and overandover if a new one doesn't presen
  2. why on earth would sbecthtel or sirleer give their children medication to stop this? i feel i have mild OCD and that alphabetizing and counting is one example of how it presents (i also sometimes have a compulsion to touch certain things or count to a particular number e.g. before leaving a room. while i know that nothing bad will actually happen if i don't do it, it makes me feel better to act upon my compulsions). however none of this impacts upon my day to day life. i would describe my head as 'busy' and occasionally 'noisy' but i do not need medication in order to function and i would q
  3. This is lovely. Today I have discovered that other people hate butterflies and count letters in words really fast (for me the perfect number is 12 so words and names with 12 letters, eg a 6 + 6 name are excellent). I've been doing this ever since I can remember and sometimes it irritates the ###### out of me but I can't stop. What I need to know is: who in this world hates butterflies AND obsessively counts (I count people, windows, justaboutanything - sometimes i'll be alone and count myself over and over 1, 1, 1, 1 ....until I've counted myself 12-16 times* - 4 times forwards, 4 back
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