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  1. I think Dr B is great he is just trying to help so many people that is gets difficult. But honestly if you have every been a patient of Dr T (I think he is a genius) you will be thankful that you get the attention that you do from Dr B. Hope you get things going the way you would like them too:)

  2. We too have had a problem with one woman in particular. She can be nasty. I try to ask for the other front desk person. ALWAYS ask for copies of your labs...EVERY TIME. Kelly was very good about that, but I know there is someone new. I would also try to go see him every 6 weeks until you get a handle on what your particular situation is. We go and he sees at least 3 if not all of my four.

  3. 1) How old was your child when this began?

    age 4 1/2 -5...she did have a t/a around that time due to tons of "sinus infections" I think this happened after hmmmm... The eyelash pulling would ebb and flow for no apparent reason.

    2) What other symptoms did they have?

    looked like anxiety and ADD she is a "gifted" child who does not cause tr...

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