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  1. Hello everyone. Just a quick thing about me, my name is Stephen, and I am a fashion photographer in NYC currently working for a handbag/jewelry company. (Jessica Simpson, BCBG, Vince Camuto, etc.) In June of last year (2011) I discovered that I could spell just about any word in alphabetical order during a dinner discussion with my family. I asked members of my family at my table if they were able to do it, and they all giggled and said no. A few months later I made a video via youtube and posted it to my Facebook wall. My friends couldn't believe that I could do it, and do it FAST. I believe in high school, I started doing this more and more. Whether it was words in a book, road signs while driving, or typing an essay for class. I never went to a doctor for it because it wasn't a life threatening situation. However, lately I do it more and more, and can actually two three or more words, and sometimes small sentences. I am writing this on here to reach out to anyone with similar occurrrences. Can/Does anyone do what I can do? I would really love to know. This is the video of me doing it. I would love for people to respond. Don't be shy. Thank you so much. Regards, Stephen
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