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  1. 8PM EST/7PM CST/5PM PST the PANDAS Parents Network interviews Dr. Rosario Trifiletti. This is a live, call-in show. (646) 595-4018. Here is the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PPN Call in number: (646) 595-4018.
  2. Does anyone in southeastern MA know of a vaccine friendly(one who is okay with us not vaccinating our children) doctor? Thank you.
  3. I know this is extremely last minute but there is a PANDAS support group meeting at 6:45 at the Rockland Memorial Library.
  4. Where do you live? There is another member here who has a support group in Salem... there is a meeting tonight at 6:45 at the Rockland library
  5. I am looking for people's thoughts and/or past experience with anthestia(sp?), tonsillectomies. My daughter is scheduled to have her tonsils and adnoids out this Thursday. She started clindamycin last Tues. She got sick over weekend. Took her to pedi yesterday and she has strep. She started new abx last night-cephalexin.. My pedi.(she is not a pandas supporter) said she would air on the side of caution and push it back but to check with the ENT. The ENT said he would still go ahead and do it. I heard a lot of dr. don't do it when kids are sick and some do. I am curious also why it is not done when sick. I want to wait. My husband wants to go for it. We need to make a decision by end of day. Ithought other people's experience might help us make a more informed decision. Again, thank you for any thoughts given. It is always helpful and appreciated.
  6. Hi, Just need to vent and see if this has happened to anyone else. My daughter is scheduled for a tonsillectomy this Thur. She has been on Augmentin since Dec. switched to clindamycin last Tuesday. Her throat started hurting on Friday plus head cold, developed rash on Sunday. Just got back from the peditrician and she tested positive for strep on the rapid test. The doctor was just as surprised as I was. Now we have to postpone tx and try a new antibiotic. So frustrated. We have been counting the days until this tonsillectomy praying we all would have some relief afterwards. Thanks for listening.
  7. My daughter started clindamycin 6 days ago to have 10 days before her tonsillectomy. She broke out in a rash all over her back yesterday. We are thinking it might be the clindamycin. Which means she can't have that now for her IV abx during surgery. I was curious what type of iv abx your children had during surgery. Thank you.
  8. I can't come tonight and I so want to. It wouldn't be fair to my husband or other two children to leave him with all 3 kids. My DD would demand all his attention. Looking forward to the tonsillectomy next week. Praying for some relief. I am locked in the bathroom right now with my daughter talking nonstop outside the door. Uggghhh!! Today was one of those yicky days when it all got to me and I got discouraged. tomorrow is a new day though! Have fun tonight. Have a drink for me!
  9. Wednesday and the firside work for me. Unforuntately, we are having a really rough weekend. If things don't subside a little bit, I won't be able to make it. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Tiffany, I did not recieve a link about the conf. Would you mind sending it again? Thanks. I will email the others about Wed. night.
  10. Do you want to or I can send an email out to the support group people. I don't think they all are on latitudes.
  11. Are you concerned about him getting strep while at school? This is my biggest fear. We want to have them done now. We have a May10th appoint. but If she goes back after one week and has 4 weeks left of school she could get exposed. This why we are debating holding off until June although we really want some relief now.
  12. I am in for drinks or dinner or both. I would def. crash that conf. When and where is it? I will go too if I can.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. I was going to mention that in my last post. We could meet somewhere for a drink at night or a coffee during the day just to talk. Let's do it next week. Also, could you let me know who you had for and ENT. I am had one but changed to another bec. he had earlier appointments but I am questioning whether to go to him or not.
  14. Hi, I am taking my daughter to an immunologist for the first time. I saw your post while I was searching. Would you be able to send me the list of quesitons you received from eljomom? I can send you my email. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I am taking my daughter to an immunologist for the first time. I saw your post while I was searching. Would you be able to send me the list of quesitons you received from eljomom? I can send you my email. Thank you.
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