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  1. Aren't monocytes supposed to be between 3-7 and his are 12


    Eosinophils are 4 and are supposed to be less than 3.1



    I've read about helminths ...which is caused my roundworms, and our cat had roundworms


    We had to get rid of our sandbox because the stray cats used it to poop in, and pee


    And my son got an eye infection last year because of it !


    Or it could be mono


    Emailed our doctor, this is confusing me more each day!

  2. MCV 82

    WB 4.1

    Hemo 12.5

    Red 4.58

    Hematocrit 27.2

    MCHC 33.2

    RDW 11.9

    Platelet count 230

    MPV 7.3

    Neotrophils 37

    Lymphocytes 47

    Monocytes 12

    Eosinophils 4

    Basophils 0

    Absolute neutrophils 1.5

    Absolute lymphocytes 1.9

    Absolute monocytes .2

    Absolute basophils 0

    RBC - normals


    Strep radpid - negative

    Strep culture- negative


    Sedimentation rate 11

    Antistreptolysin <25

    mycoplasma pneumoniae (sp?) .37, .47 IBM, IGM


    Waiting for heavy metal screen results


    C reactive protein .1


    Lyme negative


    Dnase strep 92

  3. All my sons 10 tests came back normal ! Everything is normal...now I'm really confused


    We are waiting for the heavy metal screen results


    I recently removed all electrical from his room, and bought an all cotton bed, major improvements


    That info is posted under "night time" on the TS and tic disoder forum

  4. All my sons 10 tests came back normal ! Everything is normal...now I'm really confused


    We are waiting for the heavy metal screen results


    I recently removed all electrical from his room, and bought an all cotton bed, major improvements


    That info is posted under "night time" on the TS and tic disoder forum

  5. I stumbled across this as a possible trigger for my son ..tics and rages


    Someone on this board planted the seed in my head for me :)


    We have



    Dimmer switches

    Wireless router box is always on



    Cordless phones

    Cell phones



    In my sons room where he tics as soon as his little head hits the pillow !


    1 foot away from his bed ...air purifier, humidifier plugged in, and 4 feet on the other side of the room, a light and baby monitor plugged in!


    In the car! Satellite Sirius radio !


    He only tics at the dinner table, car, and bedroom ! The dinner table is 3 feet from the chord less phone and wireless router!


    Could I have stumbled across something huge here?


    I turned the radio off in the car all day and no tics...In the car


    Unplugged everything in his room ...no tics


    Technology could be hurting my son, I would have never guessed it


    Would love to hear more I'm slowly educating myself..


    His tics are sooo bad in the winter and I thought dust, vitamin d deficiency, winter....inside more ! He is outside all the time in spring, summer and fall and his tics are come and go.... But if he is inside all the time around all this stuff it makes sense !




    We have a newer car and after reading the link above, I want to get rid of it now :)

  6. It still Happens when he sleep at his grandparents house...


    I unplugged everything in his room, and turned the wi fi off... Also kept the satellite radio off in the car today


    I did a test in two other cars over the weekend and he does tic in other older cars, and newer


    Possible electromagnetic sensitivity ? The wi fi box is directly below his room and he had three things plugged into is outlet right beside his bed


    Might be crazy but I will try anything !

  7. Interesting !!! Both our cars are new!


    His new mattress is cotton filled though... No box spring...


    He has a air purifier on, and humidifier ...dust allergy and it's awfully dry here in MN in the winter


    I only use hot water and a little soap when I clean

  8. Hi ! My story is a long one as well....very long... 2.5 yrs long.


    My son has basically lost his ability to sleep. He keeps his eyes open, wake up at 2-3am and could tic for hours! We are still on the middle of testing and waiting for all results. I know this, my son had two days without tics on omnicef, and because I pushed heis on 21 days of zithromax. He screams for me at night, afraid of something, hallucinations, tics all night.


    Our doctor knows we are going insane trying to help our son ... My son saw a sleep specialist and a neurologist last year and the neurologist was awful !!


    It sounds like you are documenting all of this , way to go !! Something is to be said when a child gojng thru all of this responds well to antibiotics !


    When i read the list of symptoms of pandas it hit me like a ton of bricks, that list is my son , meaning every single symptom he experiences daily !

  9. He was on omnicef for 20 days..and day 10-13 he had no tics !!


    Now he is on zithromax for 21 days


    He has had no rashes, nothing on his rear... I did read about it being elsewhere


    The doctor looked at his throat and nothing was inflamed


    I will definelty be emailing her about strep in the adenoids.


    He tested positive on the rapid weeks ago... He did have a sinus infection but no fever etc

  10. My family is finally home from battle, I call it going to battle when we have to go to a doctor and talk about all of this


    Mind you I just started researching and just found out about pandas 4 weeks ago.


    Our doctor ran 10 blood tests, gave him 21 days of azithromycin !!!!!


    Waiting for strep culture results.


    We have a Gail Bernsten at the u of m who has treated pandas who we might see once we get all results in


    Dr.Kaplan gave me her info ... Funny because he said they butt heads


    Lyme, mycoplasma, ...you name it he's being tested for it


    Let the journaling begin !!! He just started meds tonight

  11. We found out awhile ago he has a minor dust allergy, thru testing. His vent is shut, dust mite covers, hypoallergenic blanket, hard wood floors, no stuffed animals


    You name it I've done it, his room is clean :)


    He rarely tics during the day... only in the car and at night. He has had tics for 2.5 years now...

  12. Thanks for the info !


    My son has a tic disoder diagnosis.. But all his tics are at night. He could fall asleep nicely with melatonin then at 3am wake up and tic for 3-4 hours !


    So TS actually makes for a calmer night for kids? He rarely has daytime tics, maybe in the car...

  13. Can Someone explain mycoplasma ?????!!!!!!


    My sons breathing can be heard from the other room st times, and my daughter just had pneumonia out of nowhere...


    What are the symtpoms.... That aren't classic symtptoms.???


    I'm prepping for our appointment tomorrow, and it looks like ..according to my list there will be a lot of blood drawn !

  14. Quick question


    My son is 4 and has major problems at night.... Because of tics .. For 2.5 yrs now.


    He could tic for hours in the middle of the night. Breaks my heart


    Any other children have problems with sleep? Does it just come with the territory ? He takes melatonin now

  15. We haven't found one doctor here in minnesota, my sons pediatrician treated one girl with pandas. I feel blessed to even be able to talk about pandas with her. It was a rapid test, the culture results are tomorrow.


    Dr.Gail Bernstein at the u of m is who Dr.Kaplan referred us to see.... Gotta research her next.


    I am obviously going to demand blood tests....


    My son is only 4 and pushes his head because he thinks it will make the tics go away. He pushes his forehead like a button to turn them off. He has a speech delay so he tried to talk to us about it.


    His rapid test 4 weeks ago was positive and he had no symptoms ....

  16. My son has had tics among every symptom of pandas for over 2 years


    My son is almost 4, he has been sick with croup, flu, ear infections.... Lots of sickness


    He tested positive for strep 4 weeks ago


    He was on omnicef for 20 days


    He was tested again tonight to see if he still had strep. It was negative.


    I tried to hold it together after getting the results.


    I thought if it was positive all my research and documentation would mean I was correct


    I need hope.


    has anyone gone thru this? Can kids with regular old tic disorders have flare ups of symtpoms like awful tics when they are sick ? He had a high fever and a slight cough that's why I brought him in, his appointment was for tomorrow but I brought him to urgent care to get tested tonight.


    He saw Dr.Kaplan last week...... Mixed feelings about seeing him.


    He gave us a referral to see a pandas doctor, and my sons primary is willing to treat my son for whatever it is... She is the one who gave us 20 days of omnicef.


    Questions: what are the chances I will get a positive result on his culture?


    3 days ago I noticed him changing at nighttime, he needed me with him for a long time, his motor and vocal tics were awful ...he was afraid to sleep. Prior to this it wasnt so severe. I'm noticing "flare ups" now that I know what to look for. it turns out 3 days ago I noticed him getting sick !! Now I know when he is sick his symptoms are horrible


    My sons response to omnicef was on day 10-12 he had zero tics !!!!!! Prior and after that it was awful, horrible tics ...


    All I know is something major is going on here... If you read the list of symptoms kids have with pandas it is my son. I just discovered pandas 4 weeks ago.


    Can you tell I'm trying to hold onto hope here?


    Thanks for any feedback.

  17. My son might have pandas, he is getting tested this Friday to see if he is a carrier of strep, he has been off of meds etc


    I got him tested today and the only thing that came back was dust.


    The allergist was how should I say, demeaning and rude. I made the mistake of telling a narrow minded doctor that allergies can trigger tics, woops :)


    I cleaned our house for 4 hours, washed all the wood blinds, sills, changed bedding to hypoallergenic , vacuumed air vents, am keeping sons air vent in his room shut now, dust mite pillow covers, dust mite mattress cover....


    Any other suggestions ? Oh, air purifier is added now..in his room, took stuffed animals out etc


    I suspected dust 3 weeks ago and have been making all these changes. He does a throat clearing vocal tic mainly before bed, at night. I have noticed a good enough change to document it.


    He tics near the couch, dinner table, and his room really bad... I found dust pile ups under couch, on chandelier in dining room and obviously his "clean" room wasn't as clean as I thought !


    We have wood floors in every room in our house


    Any other ideas ? Do parents give children allergy meds for dust allergies ?


    Just a side note my son has had pandas symptoms for 2.5 ys and just recently we found out about pandas. He was diagnosed 1 year ago with a tic disorder. He has motor and vocal tics. He tested positive for strep 4 weeks ago with no symptoms of strep. We are currently working with a good doctor, and dr.Kaplan, and we are going to see a new neurologist as I have now ditched his old primary doctor and old neurologist.

  18. Kaplan went well ! He is very informative and compassionate ! He wants to see if my son is a carrier, so my son will be tested next week after his antibiotics are done in 4 days. If he is a carrier I'm assuming we will be talking to him again. Its hard because if my son is a carrier and he gets treated and all the symptoms, tics go away then what would he call it :) ??????


    A fluke ?


    I'm open minded to both sides of this controversy.


    He is very concerned about my son, and took two hours listening to my sons health history, he took notes, and is emailing my sons primary who has treated one case of pandas before. Dr. Kaplan knows our primary doctor.


    He did mention a psychiatrist at the university of minnesotas childrens hospital, Gail Bernstein who might treat pandas ...I think does. He said they kind of work together ..


    My confusion is.. If my son gets treated do some of these doctors who don't have hard scientific evidence just call it treating strep, not pandas? Kaplan has studied strep for years.


    My son has allergy testing, another strep test, and a new neurologist all next week, I feel like we have a good game plan now. Relieved.

  19. Wow !!! You all explain my son to a tee...


    I always wonder is this 4 year old stuff..but clearly not. He stopped hitting a few months ago, he has his moments still getting very upset, mad. It requires the patience of a saint to deal with him sometimes :)


    My son has a lot of things going on that aren't his normal self...a lot !!! OCD stuff started two months ago, lining up all toys 6 feet long in perfect form. Everything is dirty to him, he used to play in the mud, sandbox all day in the summer and now if there is a drop of water on his shirt it's dirty!


    Anyones child have major problems at night? Sleep problems? Fear of sleep? Tics all night? Hallucinating ? Night terrors?

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