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  1. I can just be around people and have to make sure know one is touching me or performing sexual acts on me I just sometimes think what if they touch me inappropriately or kiss me etc. I have a gf and I feel guilty at this. also if I go to the toilet and I stand back up I have to look in toilet to make sure that no one else was sitting on it etc... very very silly things that I no are silly but I still have have to do them. I also think what if I touch someone or something or that I have had sex or touched someone even though I haven't its so stressful and annoying I have had ocd since I was like 9/10 I am now 22. I have overcame almost all ocd like 95% of it. however these little rituals are still niggling at me. sometimes I don't look but other times I feel very high anxiety to look depending on my mood. it drives me insane sometimes. I have helped myself get over 95% of my ocd its just this stupid part I still get sometimes. I just thought I would write this to similar people who suffer with the same issue and get it off my chest. thanks timmy
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