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  1. Alright. Here goes nothing. When I was 5 I was diagnosed with OCD (compulsively rubbed my hands when I wasn't allowed to organise/adjust/follow through on compulsions. My hands would bleed. It wasn't pretty.) I was put on prozac until I was diagnosed with ADHD. We then switched to Adderall XR and anafranil. I stopped taking those when I was 16 because I wanted to learn how to cope with myself by myself. It was definitely hard and I worked with many CBT's to get everything relatively normal. I've been off meds for almost 2 years (I'm nearly 18). I'm a college freshman. In early Novem
  2. I'd suggest trying for a 504 plan for OCD. I've had one for years (I'm 17 and use it so I get more time on tests since I need to check things). 504's are a lot easier to maintain and for something like OCD you probably won't need as much help from conselours as kids with IEP's get. READ THIS ~ http://www.nldline.com/iep_vs_504.htm
  3. I'm 17 and I suffer from both OCD and insomnia. I started taking prozac when I was 5 (for OCD) and stopped taking it when I was 12. While I took it I got at most 4 hours a night. I'd wake up feeling fine, but it got me in the habit of getting that small amount of sleep. It does interfere with sleeping habits in 33% of people who take it though. Make sure she's not taking naps. Try to get a schedule set up where she goes to bed and wakes up at the same time everyday. Also melatonin is a supplement (it's naturally made in your body) that you can take with prozac to help with sleep. Also try
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