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  1. Hi there, It has been so long I didn't post anything here on our forum and one more thing I would like to know ... is this forum active? well may be it is .....or may be has visitor who want information but don't want to participate ... anyway I came again with some very good information... Some of the attention deficit disorder symptoms can be reduced using a combination of behavior and cognitive therapy. Emotional effects of the attention deficit disorder can be controlled with this behavior and cognitive therapy. Principally, there are four key issues involved in behavior modificati
  2. Hello forum members..... Well I posted once on this forum and never get a chance to post again......but finally I have got another chance to visit this wonderful place. So I am going to post a this ADD coping tips. I hope it will be helpful and informative for the people who want to know about ADD. And additions always welcome to make this thread more interesting and informative.....thank you...... Daily Living 1. Often the most obvious is overlooked. If you or someone you know suspects ADD / ADHD, seek help. Ignorance is NOT always bliss! 2. Seek treatment solutions that work
  3. HI Jerry, Here is some more helpful information about Child Attention Deficit Disorder Help Child with attention deficit disorder can be helped in many ways. Let Your Child Know That You Care For Him Or Her Above all, you should let the child to know that you care for him or her. Sometimes youngsters may think your opinions of them have changed and that you think less of them after a diagnosis of child attention deficit disorder. For this reason let them know that this is not the case at all, even share an deficiency of your own with them to let them know you work on issues, t
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