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  1. Inositol is the common name of myoinositol, the only form of inositol utilized by the body as a nutrient. Inositol is involved in the glucuronic acid and pentose phosphate pathways that are responsible for products such as glucose, glucuronolactone and water. A common biologically active form of inositol is phoshatidylinositol, a phosphatide found in cell membranes. Food sources of inositol are found in plants, as phytic acid, and meats.
  2. Essential Balance : For thousands of years, the human diet evolved on a natural selection of foods that provided an equal 1:1 ratio of essential fatty acids (EFAs). Modern agriculture, harmful refined oils and hydrogenation have since destroyed this health balance. EB Capsules offer the same ideal 1:1 ratio as Essential Balance in a convenient capsule. This unique organic blend of 3 unrefined oils and flax lignans offers a return to the balance, as well as other physiological benefits. EB Capsules are made from unrefined oils low temperature pressed without light and oxygen using the omegaflo
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