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  1. The problem is that there is a change in the constitution of the skin of everyone and change can be very delicate and whenever chane occurs old medication will not work as well as they used to work. I ofeten noticed that for the xternal medication for either the skin or the throat. Its abot the fith time i am changing medication for my throat whenever i get the flu. But on the contrary, i find out that for for oral medication its does not happen and that the body gets healed in some case completely. It was my case for acne where i was on roaccutane. Where my doctor proposed em a combination of external and internal treatment. The external treatment consist mostly of creams like zenmed and swimming in the sea. I had to drink about 4 litres of water a day.. pfff... However my body did change radically and the acne has never risen since five years.
  2. hi... i cnt offer more on ADHD but i can share what i found about fatty acid and fish oil on another forum.try this link below and see: fatty acids/fish oil hope you can get some more info there.
  3. the change in enviroment has surely disturbed your mind and preventing you from achieving what you want.maybe you can make new friends to feel at ease in the new place and try not setting the level too high that you find it unattainable....dnt be too hard on yourself
  4. hello.i can understand your situation after reading your post. maybe because of what she did and said to you that you reacted like that. but i feel that you really love her a lot.
  5. hi.i just hope that you are doing ok. here im sure in this form you will find many similar cases as yours and you can share experiences with them.
  6. i feel happy to read the you son has made remarkable progress. hope and wish his progress goes on
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