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  1. I'm not sure why exactly epsom salts is a problem for some. But I am familiar with problems with sulfation. This is the body's way of converting sulfites into sulfates. Only sulfates can be excreted so the WRONG kind of sulfur is known to cause some people a problem. But magnesium sulfate contains the right kind of sulfar; so that is the part that is puzzling me. I think the best sulfur supplement though is SAMe. This can be expensive and after sometime substituted with methionine. I looked up some info on the SNP and it is basically a problem with folic acid (B9). There is a form of
  2. I am not familiar with Risperdal. But I have to take tryptophan and DLPA to increase my serotonin levels and my catecholamine levels. Dopamine (DA) is converted into norepinephrine (NE) and epinephrine (E). All three (not serotonin but dopamine, NE and E) are referred to collectively as catecholamines. So dopamine and NE and E are the same almost in terms of what supplements you take. I do know that when I take higher than normal tryptophan this increases my serotonin levels and has the effect of lowering my dopamine levels. So I know from my own personal experience and what I have read t
  3. No, I heard about the problem with bees in the news. I remember thinking that this will have an effect on some plants and how they get pollenated. Produce prices will probably be effected by this. Most bee keepers are finding their nests are down by a significant percentage, 70% in some places. They don't understand why this is happening. http://www.macon.com/mld/macon/17022917.htm The high pollen is about the whether we had this past winter all across the country. It was mild and wet I think and that creates more pollen.
  4. You should definitely talk to your chelation doc about this. I think you could be chelating the iron and sometimes with chelation you lose so many nutrients that it is hard to keep up on all of them. Keep an eye on this and talk to your chelation doc. I noticed that from taking cysteine or NAC that my zinc levels were lower because the NAC can chelate zinc. So many things can effect your suppplementation that it can seem like a never-ending process of tweaking your supplements to get them just right. This may be something that needs more fine tuning. And it could be that some supplem
  5. Yes, you may be right about magnesium oxide absorption through the GI tract. The thing is that it is put into a product, an oil, for some reason. (Perhaps because topically it avoids the GI issues.) But I was under the impression that the oxide form somehow lasts in your body longer than the magnesium sulfate form. So if you could soak in epsom salts one day and then the next day soak in some magnesium oxide, I think the effect from the magnesium oxide would be more sustained. It may be some website claim I am remember or it might be some legit claim. But I have heard that magnesium oxide
  6. I do that too sometimes. I go over some past incident in my head like it was just yesterday. I think, and this is just a guess, that my low serotonin levels play a role in this. I find that if I am upset with something that say happened to me yesterday, I am less liking to hold on to thinking or obssesing about it if my serotonin levels are good. I can even feel that my anger almost energizes me sometimes when I am really upset. It is like I get so worked up by my anger that I can't sit still or can't relax or calm down. I know I have read that serotonin levels are associated with irritia
  7. I am don't know much about tics but I do know that some people find that epsom salts works better for them than some other forms of magnesium. I have read that epsom salts provides the magnesium and the right form of sulfur that some people need. Magnesium sulfate means it is sulfur in the sulfate form. The body needs to convert other forms of sulfur like sulfites (added to french fries, salads, wine, etc.) into sulfates. Only sulfates can be excreted by excreted by the body and that means sometimes the sulfites can build up to levels that can cause problems at some point. This process of
  8. "Thanks for the info I'll be doing alot of reading today have to find out what Hydroxymethylglutarate, Xanthurenate, Vanilmandalate are... just to name a few. If I wasn't dyslexic already I would be after reading this report." The Xanthurenate is an indication that he has a b6 deficiency. Usually this is called xanthurenic acid or XA. But it is a metabolite of tryptophan. This would show up in a urine test. I tried the website metamatrix.com and they have a search feature on the home page (upper right corner) which you can use to see what some of those terms mean or are related to. Of
  9. I find I will use tryptophan instead of 5-htp simply because of the dose that they each come in. 5-htp comes in 60 mg. where as tryptophan comes in 500 mg. Most amino acids come in 500 mg. doses. So I have no idea what 60 mg. of 5-htp would be equal to in tryptophan. It is just a logistic issue for me to take one supplement in the dose that works best for my needs Irena, you seem to have a similar problem with SAMe vs. methionine. I think you should try maybe the 200 mg. dose which you could easily increase to 400 mg. if you need to. The 100 mg. dose might be too many capsules if you had t
  10. Faith, I think the simple answer is that the folinic acid makes sense along with the b-12 shots. Most times when supplementing b12 the doctor will also recommend folic acid. The folinic acid is just making sure that your son has enough folic acid. This site does explain something about treating a b12 deficiency. It says that folinic acid should be introduced after the 5th week of trial. 12. Folinic acid should be added after the first 5-week clinical trial but not at the same time as methyl-B12. It should be added alone and its dose should start low and then be incrementally increase
  11. I suspect your son is a histadelic, Chemar, and that is why he has trouble with the b complex or the naicin or folic acid separately. B12 can cause problems for some histadelics but not all. Faith, I want to review your question further before I give you an answer. Irena, that is true about tryptophan but if your son is taking any form of DLPA than it is best to take that early in the day. I take the tryptophan at night for that reason and that reason alone (because the DLPA has to be taken earlier in the day and not late at night). The tryptophan will do the same, I think, whatever t
  12. Use SAMe in the beginning. I think it may work better. At some point you may look around for methionine and try that. But SAMe is fine early on. SAMe can work better than methionine in the beginning of supplementing. You can give him the BCAA. I don't think that is a problem. I take BCAA and find it is helps mostly with my musclulature (fatigue and muscle weakness) and not so much for my brain chemistry. I don't think it should be a problem. Most amino acids taste fine. If you open up the tryptophan that should work, but it may be hard to get the dose exactly. But that should not be a
  13. I would question that advice. For one thing that taurine seems wrong to me. Taurine is conditionally essential. I have a B6 dependency so must take taurine. My body may not be able to convert methionine into cysteine, and then cysteine into taurine because b6 is needed for this conversion. You have p-5-p but no tuarine. That seems like the person giving you this advice is missing something pretty basic in my opinion. Taurine is essential when you supplement amino acids. It has a special role in brain chemistry. It either balances all neurotransmitters or just the inhibitory ones. You
  14. You can try searching for the term methyl folate trap. This happens with a b-12 deficiency. I think this is what you are referring to. I know I have read that one nutrient gets trapped and may appear high in tests, but that is really an indication that the body is not converting that nutrient or not donating the methyl donor as it should be. It is a complex subject and even I get confused with some of this stuff sometimes. But faulty methylation can be corrected with the right nutrients. Severe methylation problems would indicate either high or low histamine levels. There are only two pos
  15. I take NAC and do think that what they say about it is true: it gives up its sulfur molecule more readily than the other suflur containing amino acids. I can always tell when I have taken more NAC than I normally do. I feel as though my body is saturated with sulfur. This effects different things like causes loose stools and the foulest smelling flatulence that smells like rotten eggs. But sulfur is good for you. I don't think that methionine may have exactly the same impact as NAC, but that is a guess from my personal experience. Of course if you are treating someone with tourettes you a
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