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  1. We had a throat culture, which I had insisted on ...the doctor did it just to rule it out as she didn't "see"the strep and didn't think that was it....I told her to humour me and lo and behold I was right., positive for strep....Mom's usually are right ; ) ....I know my child and I knew this was something different....so we caught it early. I also googled and tracked down Dr K and did a phone consult within the first week with him. I also asked to be swabbed recently and waiting for results. Also had follow up ASO T for my child and just has to track down those results....waiting now for them to be sent to me I am documenting everything and like all of you LOL.....I now watch my child like a hawk!!! Hard to distinguish what may be PANDAS and what is typical kid behaviour LOL I have used Advil at any sign of being sick (cold etc....how safe is it to use daily though? Honestly....this forum has been the most helpful so far....I went back to the beginning and have read every single post.......so thank you to you all!
  2. Many thanks momcap....your information was most helpful. I am still searching and will let you know if I find anyone. Our GP is much more receptive that the ped, who basically said that kids do all kinds of crazy things,.............dont' really comprehend why these people find this so hard to accept.
  3. Good evening to all: Hoping this forum may be able to assist us as you all seem to be very much in-the-know when it comes to PANDAS. Do any of you know of a PANDAS doctor in the province of Ontario? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
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