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  1. My son has a reaction to Red 40. He is outta control and extremly hyper and physical when he has a little tiny bit. My question, maybe a stupid one..... I noticed today that he has some Spiderman temporary tattoos that are made with Red 40 and Blue dyes, by putting these on his skin would/should this cause the same reaction as him eating it? He's been crazy today, and I can't figure out if he's just having an off day or maybe we should "lose" the tatoos even though eh loves them so. Any thoughts? I'm extremly careful to not allow him to eat it, and everyone he is with has also been briefed on the fact he is not allowed to have it. My husband had a similiar issue with it when he was young. My mil always told me everyone thought she was crazy by cutting out artificial colors, cause that was 30 years ago and no info had been brought out about it. My husband also has diagnosed adhd, son hasn't been diagnosed cause he's 3.5.
  2. That's interesting Chemar that your son has the same type of reaction to the pollen. I'm starting to think that is a main problem. I'm definately cutting it out today to see if it helps. I just took an epsom salt bath about 3 hours ago, it does help. But, it's so hard for me to make time for them. I've never been consistant taking them, Just the mag. suppliments. Maybe I'll also try to take one 3 or 4 days a week for a month and see if the extra mag. helps cut the issue too. I went through the list of triggers again, and some I have no contact with and other's on a daily basis. It'll be hard to figure out which is which. Am I correct that you are supposed to cut out all the things listed (within reason) and then add them back in 1 at a time to see if it triggers a reaction? Moving from item to item? Also, I remember some mentioning accupuncture as a treatment, what about accupressure? Also, something along the same lines, Anyone familiar with CranioSacral Therapy? I was reading the paper today and there is a new CranioSacral Therapist office open, the ad. states it can help with central nervous system disorder (amoung other things) After doing some research some people think cst is hoaky, other swear by it. She's in an office with chiropractors~ which I know are supposed to help tics also. Also, should I maybe increase the mag. or b on stressful days instead of nicotine? I wonder if increase helps quickly or I should increase them a day or two before.
  3. I forgot to add, so am I right in the assumption that tics can increase with exposure to air borne allergens as well? I don't know why I assumed it had to be an ingetsted allergen.
  4. Thanks for the ideas Faith, I'm definately going to stop the pollen and see what happens. I just really want to take it, much easier than honey and seems to have tons of health benefits, plus maybe I'm crazy, but I really do think it helps keep my energy up during the day. I try to stay away from too much caffeine becuase of the increase in tics, but I'm just so exhausted with a 3 yo and working, that I do drink some iced tea and coffee on rough days. The pollen seemed to help keep me energized without the caffein(maybe a placebo effect, I read it was supposed to help with energy ) Currently I take calcium/mag, taurine, letchin (only 1/2 the recommended amount, maybe I should up that) B Complex (subling.) b12 subling., daily multi, omega 369, flax, borage, primrose mix, Royal Jelly, L-acetyle , p.s. I'm a horriable speller. My tics are slight when around people, I've grown to hide them very well, when typing on the puter, I have to rest my wrists down, then pull them up a few times before a I can type again, there is slight shoulder shrugging movement, I also tend to push and pull air through my teeth with my tough, which makes a slight whistling and slober noise (drives my husband crazy!), thumb movements and head movement, I don't bob my head, it's almost like a small stretch, but I do it a few times before I feel comfortable again, and twirl my hair alot of the time. As of now I don't know about my son. I've got him off all artificial colors and additives~ he's "prediagnosed" with ADHD, no concrete diagnosis, dr. said he's too young. But during a visit the dr. was observing him, and brought it up to me, not knowing my dh has a family history of adhd. He mentioned that he is showing early signs and to watch for it. His tantrums and behaviour has improved 1000% since he's been off colors, Red 40 makes a huge difference in him. I can tell when someone has accidently given it to him, he's outta control. I also give him a suppliment called "Focus Factor" it's a natural powder you mix with water and has mostly B vitamens and some amino acids. I figure it'll help with both adhd and if he does develop tics. He is also allergic to Milk and any milk product. It causes severe asthma symptoms and attacks. With even the slightest milk anything he'll wheeze for days and sound awful. He's on an asthma preventative inhaler (flovent) He does do some eye blinking, but then I realize I need to trim his bangs, and the blinks (seem) to go away. So, I'm definately watching him closely. It seems that most children are a little older when they start ticcing, so I'm not counting my blessings yet that he seems clear of it.
  5. female, 30 horriable on fish oil, great with flaxseed
  6. Well, hum, I don't have much time anymore to post on here, but I do spend some time reading. I have TS, self diagnosed, only becuase I feel like I can't talk to my doctor about it, he laughed at me when I round about brought it up, and don't seem to be near any alternative dr.s to go to. My problem is, I've went into business for myself, after being a stay at home mom for 3 years. Now, (I'm assuming) with the added stress my tics are getting worse. I am on suppliments, (I can list if anyone would like to know) which did seem to help quite a bit before. I have been on the same doses for approx. 1.5 years now, maybe I should increase somehting? My business has grown ridiculously fast, much more than I expected (I'm a photographer) and am about to enter into my first huge wedding season! I'm sure the stress is the cause of the increase of tics, haven't changed my diet or eaten anything that I've previously cut out, red 40, yellow 5, refined sugars. Any ideas on how to help me control the increase. Are there any suppliments that are good for reduction if I increase the dose just for the day or weeks of my busiest time. Most of my tics I'm pretty good at hiding while talking to clients, but I did notice a bride watching me the other day, maybe I'm being paranoid, but once I thought she was watching me of course I got nervous and (I feel like) the tics got worse. I also did try nicotine gum for awhile as a treatment (have never been a smoker) and it did really calm me down and the tics go away. I'm thinking of maybe using it only a few minutes before a big meeting, just to help me calm down a little. But, can't decide if the health negatives are really that bad with occasional use. I'm not an addictive person at all, so I'm not worried about that aspect. Before i used it before an exam or anything stressful to help calm. I'm just not sure where to go from here, but also don't want to get the rep of the photog... who tics. I love what I do and am nervous that these stupid tics might hold me back. Well, I just had a light bulb go off~ maybe this makes sense maybe it doesn't. I know tics can increase from allergies or intolerables to things, for me REd 40,. yellow 5 etc. Some how I guess I assumed tics were linked to food allergies, not outdoor and pollen. I do have horriable outdoor allergies to pollens, grass dust you name it. I normally take Claritin every day as a preventive, but decide about a week ago that I didn't want to take it any longer and my allergies didn't seem to be bad this year. There's bulb number 1~~ Maybe since I cut out the allergy meds my tics are reacting to the outdoor allergy problems. Can any verify if pollen allergy reaction's might increase tics? Also, bulb #2, at a local farmers market last week I picked up some "dried bee pollen". My son and I usually eat unprocessed honey comb, for the allergy benefits. (ask if you'd like to know more, I'd rather not go into details now) The bee keeper said this year has been really bad for the honey combs, and suggested bee pollen instead. She said it was the same idea just in a different (higher concentrate) form. So, I got some and have started eating it. After doing research, and seeing only positive healthful reports. It actually has tons of amino acids and lots of minerals I already take (mag, calc., b stuff) in small doses. It's straight pollen, dropped from the bees legs. Maybe the increase in the pollen in my body is causing the tic reaction. Compounded with the fact that I stopped taking Claritin (did this about a week before the pollen). Any thoughts on this stuff? Any ideas or suggestions on the relationship or do you think it's more stress related, and I should increase some type of suppliment.
  7. I just received my first online order of supliments (Thanks for sharing hte site Chemar!) Now, I was reading through the catalog they sent and stumbled across something called Gaba 500mg. I dont' remember seeing this as a suppliment in regards to TS. But, I do remember people mentioning it for OCD or ADHD. The blurb about the product says this: "GABA is an amino acid related compound that's important for optimum cognitive function and nervous system support. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, whic means it regulates neuron activity in the brain and keeps nerve cells from over-firing, which causes anxiety or nervousness." So, isnt' that what TS is (sorta) when your neurons OVER fire? Wouldn't this be beneficial for TS? Or am I getting the same things with my Omega 3-6-9 suppliment? Does anyone use this as well? Any thoughts?
  8. hum, I'd be curious to know more! If you can think where you read that (not that I don't believe you personally) I'd like to find out. Maybe I should try pulling all my air freshners just to see. Another quick question, I use wickless candles, with no smoke but a heated tray heats the wax to release the fragrance. Have you heard anything about those? Is it the smoke that bothers the TS or the actual fragrance.
  9. I checked out the links. I suppliments I have are from NOW (purchased at a health food store), but htey are all seperate. Only thing, the first link looks to be a good choice, but there is no borage oil, but there is balanced omegas. so, for TS do I really need specifically borage oil, or just a balance of 3-6-9? And Geez this site sure is alot cheaper than what I pay in the store for my stuff! Does anyone know is it good quality~ not expired products?
  10. OK, I normally take an evening primrose/borage/flax combo pill. I went to the health food store today to purchase my next bottle and it has been discontinued. THey don't offer anything else in a combo form. So, I guess I have to start taking them seperately. So, I purchased a 1000 mg flax oil, (take 3 daily) 1050 mg borage oil and 1300 evening primrose. Now, I don't remember my last bottle exactly, but I'm thinking it had approx. 1500 mg total of all 3 mixed. SO, I'm going to be taking alot more mg now, will that make any difference? Also, I was doing research as to the daily doses for seperate amounts, I found this at: http://www.fatsforhealth.com/introduction/faqs.php#l Daily supplementation is the best way to ensure that you get the health-protecting benefits of EFAs. For the average person, supplementation with the following EFAs is required for the maintenance of good health: GLA: 500 mg daily - this amount is found in 2 grams of borage oil or 4 grams of evening primrose oil ALA: 500 to 1000 mg daily - this amount is found in 1-2 grams of flax oil EPA/DHA: 400 mg daily for both combined - this is found in 2 grams of fish oil daily AFter reading the backs of my supplimnetsfor the listed ingredients I found what I purchased has: Flax~ ala 1500 mg (and LA 342, OA366) Borage~ GLA 240 (LA 296, OA 120) Evening Primrose~ GLA 117 (C-LA962) So, I'm getting no EPA or DHA. I'm sensitive to fish oil so I'm confused as to what to do. I know my multi oil pill had dha~ I remember specifically buying it for that reason, but it also had these ingredients. Also, this way I will be taking 5,350 mg of oils daily! That seems like an awful lot to me?! Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!! Any thoughts?
  11. CP, just curious why did you throw out all your candles? Is it something to do with TS? Does the scent or smoke cause more tics? If it is the scent~ what about plug in air freshners? I've never heard this before, but I have candles and air freshners everywhere and have TS!
  12. I'm sorry I can't help. but, I am curious to know an answer. I take calcium in the morning, and mag at night. I've heard mag promotes sleep and I don't like taking all pills at once, so I switched it to night. but, I do take Epsom baths during the day.
  13. So, looking at that info is inositol not for TS? It seems to be for ocd, doesn't have TS listed.
  14. I'm sure there are studies that show this problem. I actually did have an epideral during the birth of my son, and exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, now he is 18 months old and I am still breastfeeding him during the night wakings. We didn't have any problems during the first few weeks with nursing at all. Only problems began when he started to get teeth
  15. What in lehman's terms are lecithin and inositol? I have been reading about htem, clicking on links and trying to figure it out, but can't seem to get it. I do not take them currently, but have been researching that they are helpful with TS. I was thinking of adding them, but not sure what the heck I'm putting into my body first?!! Can anyone explain, what they are, and what they do, simply for me?
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