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  1. Hmm, i dont know if the lact of work motivation is actually OCD but if you really think it is, the best thing you can do is resist all the other Obessions like washing hands. In my experince with treating my own OCD and OCPD, ive found that as soon as you treat the diffrent symptoms, every symptom will slowing weaken off until it is not even a thought or worry. Have you been diagnosed with depression? The lack of energy/motivation may be attributed to deprresion. Good Luck
  2. Hmm, Interesting. It sounds like it may be OCD or OCPD, but i would highly recommend you get a diagnosis. Hmm, im going to think about this one for a while. Good Luck.
  3. To both pauli_aida and Slug. With my experince with OCD and OCPD, i would have to say that you both have a fairly signifigant case of OCD. Obessions with numbers are extremly common in people who have OCD. In my opinion, the best stratigie is also the hardest one. Resist the OCD. COLD TURKEY. Simple as that. Only wash your hands once. Enter a room and stay there. Similar to smokeing, you will experince alot of anxiety at first but eventually you will over come the obessisons and combulsions. Good Luck.
  4. The left hand fear is an obvious sign of OCD tendancies but the number 3 obsession is a down right RED FLAG. The obessions with numbers(especially the #3) is extremely common for a person with OCD. Go see a doctor and get diagnosed. I found the best stratigie is also the hardest. Resist the OCD. Cold turkey. Simple as that. Dont set your alarm 3 times or pick up things with your right hand only. I know its tuff but it works. It will great some anxietey at first but eventually you will find no need to do or think about it. Think of it like smoking. Resist smoking and you get really agitated. Fight it out and over time you wont need to smoke. Also, dont think of it as "I am OCD." Think of it as i have OCD and the OCD is a seperate entity that tells you lies about your left hand or the number 3. Its funny, as im typing this im struggiling with the fact that my ipod is some how ruined or tainted becuase i touched a public phone and then turned my Ipod on. lol. Its irrational i know, but thats and OCD fear of mine. But i know if i resist the compulision that comes along with the Obsession i will be fine. Good Luck man.
  5. I have been diagnosed with both OCD and OCPD and from my understanding of it, it sounds like you have a good case of OCD and perhaps OCPD my friend. The oven checking, lightchecking are red flags in my opinion. Worrying about death or accidents happing to you or people you know is also obvious. Nw i dont know about the getting angry with repetitive sounds but i went through something like that myself before i was diagnosed. Im sure you will here this alot but, OCD can also be used as a tool. I havent figured out how to use mine to help me but im constantly being told that. At least i have a realativly good control of it. Sorry for the bad news.
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