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  1. Regarding the problem, I would counsel about natural products like Malabar Nut- if you havent heard about it, it's called VASAKA too, ...yea, it's very effecient as its usefulness is shown while treating bronchitis and bronchial asthma as well. And the leaves have multifarious uses ( for instance for curing diarrhea) and other purposes too. Hope it helps you.
  2. zithromax is an antibiotic approved for the treatment of chlamydia and bacterial infections of the skin and respiratory tract. It shoudnt be addictive and should be taken in moderation too. Good luck for those who are into ZITHROMAX!!
  3. hey there, sorry, but duno anyfing abt wot ur talking abt, and hopefully, sum1 else will b in a better position to share the same insight as u. good luck! c ya!
  4. try a substitute for adderall! Or just decrease the dose..but to get cured, u gotta bear what's happening...
  5. perhaps there is sumfin else which has taken his atention excluding school work, and therefore, he is just diverting his attention now..he shud b encouraged to focus back. gud luk.
  6. nah, never heard of it, but am gonna find out now!
  7. okay, so ur kid has grown very sensitive too...actualy my nephew had the same problem and he was taking ritalin, but quitted, miraculously, he got better. hope ur son will b okay too, take care, cya!
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