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    MamaOnAMission got a reaction from C_deangelis in Magnesium Made Things Severely Worse   
    when i was reading your post, i thought it was written by me!!! My child flipped on magnesium but flips on EVERYTHING we have tried. It turns out that she went crazy on everything because she had severe yeast/fungal issues. She is now on Amphoceterin and doing well and also tolerating more supplements/vitamins. It was a hellish 13 years and now we are finally seeing some results. Also possitve for lyme/bartonella. We treated her with the bactrim and mino. and she was a mess. Again, I think because yeast was out of control. Hope this helps.
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    MamaOnAMission got a reaction from msegal7 in Is this true   
    what would they use to treat lyme in 13 year old. would it be minocycline or doxycycline?
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