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  1. I wouldn't stop at an allergist--I would see whoever it takes. Have been reading on the Latitudes site and see so many types of people being consulted, with good results sometimes. It's hard for a parent but it seems like they don't have the clinics we need to cover things comprehensively.
  2. That's a new one to me. I know valerian is often tried. Will be waiting to see if any one has tried this! I keep thinking there is something we are missing, while the doctors keep trying all these heavy duty drugs out on everyone.
  3. It's common for third grade to be the age-period when academic weaknesses really start to show up. If she had a true learning disability you would probably have heard something before this. Maybe you can see excatly what shes has trouble with. Usually it is one or a combination of reading, math and writing. Cursive sometimes causes problems and kids stop wanting to do work if they can't write well. (I see an another post on this topic). Since she doesn't seem troubled by it, I would give all the support I can, talk to the teacher more, and remember that everyone isn't a great student--th
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