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  1. Hi. Im new here to the forum. My seven year old son has been suffering with tics for a little over a year. When it first started it was just a facial grimace which then turned into the vocal tic as well the sudden body jerks he has. For awhile his tics somewhat subsided greatly. Well over christmas he started doing it so badly he would be sweating. From my observation over the holiday it started after he played the new skylander game for the wii. From what ive read, the tic can go on for a long time after that. His tics have been much worse than when they were a year ago. The doctors told me that they start looking at tourettes if hes still doing it in a year. I want to do everything I can to help him; I want drugs to be my last resort. Ive done some studying about triggers that he may have so I have cut him down on video games. Well hes still doing it but the tics arent as intense. im starting to think that it may be a combination of things such as allergies, his diet, medications, etc. it could be a number of things. So it could be just a process of elimination. I have so many questions. What kind of doctors can best help my son? Can it be the screen (tv, computer,ds,) thats a trigger? What foods should I eliminate first? Should I log his tic activity for the doctors? If anyone can give me some ideas about were to start and what theyve tried that works please let me know.
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