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  1. Please learn about it thoroughly. There is weak scientific evidence but plenty of anecdotal evidence. On Monday NPR did a story saying it was not effective: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/01/09/144796050/for-kids-with-adhd-the-elimination-diet-falls-short-of-success Then today they ran another story about research that says it is: http://www.npr.org/2011/03/12/134456594/study-diet-may-help-adhd-kids-more-than-drugs Here is my take: Dr. Feingold was a doctor with Kaiser Permanente. On of my closest friends is a pediatrician with them and I mentioned to her the other day that when I searched the Kaiser website I found nothing about the diet. She indicated that there was not good enough scientific evidence to warrant making it part of a treatment plan for her patients. That sounds about right for MD’s. They should follow normal procedures that falls within their knowledge base and scientific evidence. In fact in cases that require expertise and knowledge beyond what a GP knows they have an obligation to make a referral to a specialist. As parents we should keep that in mind. We have an obligation to our children to get the best medical care possible. Clearly eating well is important but from my perspective unless there is a “food allergy” you should not take the risk and bet the farm on one treatment method that has not scientifically proven effective when there are so many that have. Your results may vary, Just my opinion. Good Luck Augie
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