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  1. Thank you very much, Chemar. I will stop having berries and see if there will be changes in tics... Sad because i love berries..
  2. Are berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) a tic trigger? I bought a blender and made smoothies over the weekend, having LOTS of berries and today, my vocal tics were totally out of control!! The only thing different from the norm that I can think of is the fruit smoothies...
  3. You may want to contact Tourette Syndrome Association in your area. That is how I got names of a doctors for my CBIT treatment in NY. Good luck!
  4. Thank you for the warning on Abilify!!! Definitely important to note. I do hope to get off the med eventually but perhaps I should try sooner than later to see how that would affect my tics... Whether CBIT is enough to keep my vocal tics under control...
  5. I have been having vocal tics for the past 17 years and it had been getting worse and worse (I am currently 45. It started late which is rare). I tried many things (except the strong medication such as Haliperidol etc) but recently, I started taking Abilify and also started CBIT (Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics) sessions with a psychologist at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York and after a couple of weeks, my vocal tics suddenly decreased - i'd say by 90%. I am SO HAPPY! It will never completely go away but even if it were to come back during stressful times in the future, I will know what to do, or can go for booster sessions at Weill Cornell again... I got the name of the doctor from TSA in NY. CBIT is, as I understand, very similar to habit reversal therapy. This site explains it if you're interested (http://www.behavior-consultant.com/cbit.htm). I am not good at explaining things so please check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it. Even if you don't take Abilify (side effect = weight gain.. ugh), just with CBIT, I am sure you will eventually see improvements and since it's not a medication, there is no side effect! If I had several motor tics, I would have treated one after another - one tic at a time - and therefore I would probably still be in treatment but my motor tics are so minor that I did not ask to be treated for those (I practice it on my own instead) and after my vocal tics got better, my treatment ended. I paid $300 per session (initial consultation - $500, went a total of five times), and because i have PPO, insurance covered 70% of it. It's expensive but it was worth it for me. Thought I'd share this because I have been really devastated by my tics for a very long time and it was making my social-phobia even worse (I am shy to begin with...) Though I am unhappy about my weight-gain with Abilify, because the combo of Abilify and CBIT are working, I am not going to change anything for a while. I may eventually trying getting off Abilify. (By the way, I only take half of the smallest dose - i take 10mg a day).
  6. This always happens to me too. I go see any type of doctor and in the waiting room, I tic, and the minute i see my doctor, my tics stop. I came to a conclusion that i am there with an agenda and is concentrating on the conversation I am having w/ the doc, therefore, i stop ticcing. the minute my mind wanders off to some anxious thought, i tic, but very quietly.
  7. I may have to start tkaing Lipitor for my high LDL and was wondering if that might aggrevate my tics in any way. Nervous about starting on new prescription meds even if it has nothing to do w/ tics, because i just have no idea how it may or may not affect my tics. If you have vocal tics and have taken Lipitor, please let me know of your experience. Thank you!! Flower
  8. Hi - update. I've completed my BAX 3000 treatment and it unfortunately did not work for me. But glad i tried rather than wondering if it might work for me or not. My skin allergy which was getting bad again did get better though...
  9. Hi everyone - Just wanted to let you know that I have started this too from last week. I live in NYC. The chiropracter who does this BAX treatment charges $60 per session. Right near Grand Central Station. He's only been doing this for 2 years, though he's been checking up (had interest in and looking into) NAET for 12 years. He was hesitant re NAET because he felt the muscle testing was subjective plus had a lot to do with how the physician was feeling that day too. (!!!) I will give it a shot and let you know after the treatments. He outline a protocol for me and i will have to make 13 visits including the initial visit I made last week. Muscle testing with NAET was wacky but this laser pointed at my hand, then leg, and down my spine was wackier. But I am very open-minded about this (even though I call them wacky) so we shall see how it goes..As they say in Japan, the ones who believe in it will be saved. I hope that's the case. I will report to you after all 13 sessions. (by the way, 10% discount given for the remaining 12 sessions.) Fingers crossed! (BY the way, i take meds too - Lexapro, Clonodine, Abilify and supplements) This treatment will be in addition to all this. FYI. Flower
  10. I've been taking Mag/Cal/Zinc (and sometimes Natural Calm) and have taken Tenex together and have been fine (no negative side effects) but as Cheri says and as you've mentioned, it's always best to just 'double-check' with your doctor.
  11. I've tried it (I have vocal tics) and it unfortunately did not work one bit...
  12. I took Wellbutrin the other week (more for anxiety/depression) and boy, did it exasperate the tics!!!! I've never ticced (all vocal) that much .. EVER!! I was ticcing all day, non stop, continuous and loud. Thank goodness i did not get fired! I would not have been surprised if they did. I spoke to my doc and he said "possible" (because it is an activator - activates the brain vs sedating it) so got off it immediately. Whew... I got so upset and depressed because it was so bad. Went back to normal in 1.5 day. (normal - lots of tics but not THAT bad.)
  13. 2-2.5 hours is the amount of time I feel the effect (my brain is slower, though it does not interfere with work or spending time with friends). After that, i start my vocal tics again. The doctor who prescribed it to me had initially mentioned that the effect will last about 7 hours but then when i told him it's much less than that (initially it worked for about 4 hours), then he nodded as if to say, "yes, possible." I wonder if my vocal tic is THAT BAD..
  14. I take Klonopin once in a while when my tics (vocal) are bad and am meeting friends and want to control it a bit. Because I take it so infrequently, with one tablet, I can feel the effect right away - it slows my mind that's usually rushing. It does not affect my interaction with friends. But it only lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours for me and the effect wears out. Just wanted to share how I use it.
  15. I react the same way w/ Amox. My vocal tics get worse all of a sudden. Seem to do better w/ Clyndamicin (spelling?).
  16. Hi, everyone Haven't posted recently and thought I'd give my status report. I still have vocal tics and OCD. I had done spit test to see if i have candida issues and I do, but I never did a complete treatment of it. I do take probiotcs and I have cut down significantly on intake of bread, sugar, soy, chocolate, etc - everything I loved I have been going to cognitive behavior therapy for close to a year but so far, no luck. I switched my therapist once in July (gave the first one six months, and then trying this other one now). I have much less distress over my vocal tics (embarassment, etc) which i think is thanks to the therapy but when i try to practice habit reversal, I can't seem to follow through. Most of the time when i am having vocal tics, my brain is as if it's 'buzzing' - i can't stop and think and observe myself objectively. So there's no way i can stop and start doing deep mindful breathing, etc. But I have recently asked my boyfriend to tell me to do the breathing if i start ticcing, so hopefully that will help. I have also noticed that I sometimes feel it (the urge to tic) coming lately. I do try to do deep breathing at that point but then i get distracted by something else and after a few breathing, I forget about it. I've also started taking Stabilium lately. It's a supplement by Allergy Research and it seems to be good for anxiety (plus people w/ chronic fatigue). They say you should take 4 tablets for 2 weeks and then every other day. But i have upped my dose to 6 tablets a day after the 2 weeks as i had not seen any results - I do seem to have less anxiety but then that may be because the issues (friend's financial situation worrying me, etc) that's' caused my anxiety this year has resolved, and so it may be natural that i have less anxiety now. I certainly seem to have more energy - that, i definitely feel. I plan to continue taking it for another month at least. As I noticed that my tics are often triggered by stress/anxiety (or sugar intake), I was (and still am) hoping that Stabilium would reduce anxiety = reduce my tics. Has anyone else tried Stabilium? (I've tried Rescue Remedy in the past and that never worked on me.) As for NAET, I have not gone back to them but they have definitely helped me w/ my eczema so I am a believer in it - just not for tics but for allergies in my case. I think that covers everything If i see any positive results w/ Stabilium, i will post again. Flower
  17. Cheri, VC is Vitamin C. I do soak in Epsom Salt - at least 4 -6 times a week but I probably should drink more water. Haven't found a good acupuncturist yet but is the acupuncture for 'detox' purpose or to balance things out in your system? I've always been curious re cupping - may try to take this opportunity to try it out! Will check web re biofeedback resonance therapy as I am not familiar with it. Thank you so much for writing! Flower
  18. Thank you SO MUCH for your responses. Tami - you are probably right re rice-on-rice-on-rice not being good. They say that if you keep eating one thing, you can become allergic to it - an integrative doctor I just started seeing said I could be allergic to rice because that is what I grew up eating in Japan. And now, eating it like crazy to fill my stomach, it probably contributed to tics along with the rest of my problems. I have started cutting back on it and trying to eat other things too, starting today. Embarassing to say, I really cannot cook. The most I would do is boil pasta (gluten free), buy ready-made sauce and heat that. Or, I would throw some veggies in water and throw in some bay leaves and chicken and make a stew but that's about it. But I just bought "Feast without Yeast" - I think it's time I 'have' to change myself and learn to cook some things that I will enjoy eating. Peglem - Though I've just recently started on yeast-free diet, as I do not cook, when I eat fish outside, sometimes they are smeared in sauce and though I scrape them off, that sauce could be containing something I should not be eating for this diet. So.. not being 100% on this diet in that sense, I don't know if I am experiencing 'die off' or not... but thank you. I will keep it in mind. Faith - I stopped going to NAET only because I started CBT (which has not worked so far ... WAHHH!!!) and $-wise, I cannot do too many things at once. NAET has not helped me with my tics/OCD but it has helped me with my eczema. However, since I have not been to it for 6 months (and perhaps with the new rice allergy), I am getting a weird rash again so, am considering making a few visits again to NAET. Thank you again for your posts/thoughts. I was quite 'down' last night and was not in a good state of mind. So seeing your replies lifted my spirit! Flower
  19. I've finally started the yeast-free diet. Because i don't cook, I have not been as strict as I should be (when I eat out, i try to chose fish/beef with no sauce, etc, but occasionally, it would have something on and I don't check what they are), but eliminating vinegar, chocolate, sugar, cheese, bread, yogurt, mushroom, etc etc etc. Though it's been 10 days since I've started this diet, and I continue to take mag/cal/zinc, inositol, VC, Carnosine/Carnotine combo, and Vitamin B6 and 12, and also Candida Clear, my vocal tics seem to be even worse these days. I eat a lot of rice-related things and I am wondering if I am becoming allergic to it because that's all I've been eating (rice puffs, rice milk, plain rice, rice bread, ...) Other things I eat a lot are potatos (fries) and also almond butter on my rice bread. I am hoping it's not rice allergy because if I cannot eat them, I don't know how I can fill my stomach in the morning. If you have any thoughts by looking at the things I am eating/taking, I would appreciate it if you could share with me. Thank you!
  20. Hi - though I have been trying NAET to treat many food sensitivities, I still have my vocal tics. I was going to stop after getting treated for strep antibodies and basal ganglia (and if I did not see improvements) but I've noticed that it's been helping with my eczema a lot so I am still continuing.
  21. Lisa, I "think" mine is PANDAS. I've only been to a neurologist once just to get diagnosed because I had no intention of getting prescription medicine for my tourette and OCD, so I am not certain. But when I asked my mother whether I had strep throat when I was little, she said "yes, like crazy." And I remember having OCD and tourette from when I was in elementary school so I am thinking it's possibly PANDAS. (However, it was not bad till I reached my early 30s and I do not know what got it worse... I was going through a lot at the time so it could be the stress but am trying to remember if I had another strep throat at the time, etc. )
  22. Noticed the same thing when I opened a new container last week. Much less yellow.
  23. Patty, My NAET practitioner has not done any food sensitivity test, IGg with me. Hm.. I wonder if my practitioner is a good one or not..? But I basically went in there saying "this is what i've read on the web, this is what I feel I may have sensitivities to, please test for these things and treat these first." I of course had to treat the 'basics' first but then she went right onto Strep/Basal Ganglia and Strep antibodies per my request. I did have food allergy testing done with a regular allergiest before, and I was allergic or showed sensitivities to most food I love. I did show the practitioner those results too during my first visit. I do not know if I have environmental allergies. I keep trying to find a shortcut to treating my vocal tics and it looks like I am skipping so many steps. I should look into environmental allergies too. By the way, I've waited a couple of weeks (or more) to write that I felt my vocal tics were getting better. And after writing that last night, my vocal tics were bad today. It may be because I was insanely busy at work today or because of the special sweets I had the other day that may still be in my system... Do not know but hopefully it will quiet down again. Re OCD, when you say treatment by homeopath, what kind of treatments do they suggest? Flower
  24. Been meaning to post here re my status on NAET treatment. I've been treated so far for Vitamin B (inositol and other Bs), Vit C, sugar, strep, basal ganglia, strep antibodies, and bottomline, I still have vocal tics and OCD. However, I do feel my vocal tics have gotten a little better. Still treating for strep antibodies as it did not get treated after one treatment, and still need to treat for food additives and wheat, etc. I am a VERY skeptical person and even now, when the doctor does the muscle testing, I am checking her hand/arm movements thinking "she must be using different muscle so that my arms will go down" etc., but .. even with my being skeptical, I feel a slight improvement in my symptoms and so I wanted to share that with you. As I continue my treatment and find tics/OCD getting even better, I will post again.
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