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  1. That's IowaDawn! I will call Piccirillo. Believe it or not, my 14 year old would like to check out Cornell (he has lyme & Pans but has made lots of progress). I'm really drawn to the doc in Fort COllins but it is SO far. I had NO idea there was an ILADS LLMD in Iowa. Is he outrageously expensive. And he treats PANDAS or no? Dr. Elliott wanted me to go have Lyme testing a...

  2. I live in Huxley (south of Ames, north of Ankeny. Our son is a PANS/congenital Lyme & co. case. We see a Dr. Jeff Piccirillo in Grinnell. ILADS LLMD. Oh, I left a post. Was excited thinking you were in Iowa--nothing wrong with Minn! We saw Dr. Elliott. We abandoned Dr. Elliott. Got the PANDAS dx--no idea how to treat. Would not do IVIG. Did he still scoff at this tx?? PM me Dawn

  3. Does anyone know of a P.A.N.D.A.S. doctor that believes in Lyme and especially congenital Lyme? I just ruled out Dr. E. in Des Moines. : ( I'll take any suggestions you've got.
  4. I'd love to meet and chat with other Minnesota Moms.

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