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  1. She had this same problem two years ago, where it took us three months to get out of the house. Back then it was an extreme fear of getting into the car and vomiting. After a rotation with some antibiotics and a plan from a psychologist, we were succussful. But back then the abx helped with most of the stomach issues, so it was a little easier at addressing the fear part. She is not on medicine right now.


    When this started to rear its ugly head in Nov/Dec, we talked about vomit, sang songs, made jokes about it. But then her nausea got really bad and now she cries when you mention it. Her problem is she doesn't vomit - hasn't for a long time- except for one time, two years ago when she got sick in a cup in the car. That's what started the fear. I mention if she was a child who vomited a lot she would realize it s#@$ks, but not the end of the world.


    How can I apply ERP without the vomiting? thx

    Philamom: Just want you to know I'm thinking of you and that dear girl of yours'. I admire you so much; the supreme unconditional love you have for your beautiful daughter. That's all, with love.

  2. ChristianMom: Sounds like you had a great experience! I so hope this all is of great help to your son. I am really excited about my appointment. It actually is for me, not a child. I will ask to be on their waiting list. Although I wouldn't want to take a place which a sick child could fill.


    Bless you and your son and thanks so much for that detailed synopsis of the appointment!

  3. spctmom and philamom:


    I have also been being taunted about having the KPU testing done by so many sources. philamom you already lead me to a doc near Phila. Thank you. Can you order the test yourself and if so, where. Any info on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much to you both. Please pm me if you need to.

  4. Another post just reminded me of this. I'm pretty sure Dr. Schwartz is a level 3 (ART testing) practitioner. That's pretty good (IMO) - level 4 is the highest, most experienced.


    Thanks Philamom. I have an appt. for March. I'll have to remember to just be firm as to what i want to buy and don't want to buy. But he does sound worth seeing. Really appreciate all of your feedback; great that he is a level 3 practitioner!


    Thanks again!

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