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  1. sf_mom Your last two sentences really struck a cord with me!! Our daughter(11) has PANS (myco) and significant learning disabilities including ocular motor. We have spent years trying to determine what is Developmental Trauma related (she was adopted) and what is PANS or other biomedical issue related Because of the Myco we are going to start looking into Lyme. Would you be willing to share the treatment protocols you used and how/where you obtained them. Unfortunately where we live we don't have a really good LLMD especially one who also gets the PANS/myco aspect. Thanks!
  2. sf_mom, Would you mind sharing if the IVIG was covered by insurance because it was for Selective Immune Deficiency? What tests and what kind of doctor gave that diagnosis? And was it the same doctor that prescribed the low dose DHEA Our 10 year old PANS (and Pyro) daughter has been has also been diagnosed with Idopathic Short Stature . She hovers about the 2nd % for height. She just doesn't grow much and prognosis for her adult height is severely, severely low. I am wondering if your treatments for Selective Immune Deficiency thru IVIG/DHEA would be a direction for us to go in. Do you have links/recommendations what I should do next to pursue this. THANKS!
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