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  1. Besides drugs and behavior management from a CBT type of angle, neuro-feedback is also very successful. When the client has the ability to see the brain wave forms in real time and manipulate them with thought modifications, the client is empowered far beyond simple CBT. CBT is a valuable part of the whole drug free or minimal drug solution but the addition of qEEG waveform guidance is a big help. The fact than mTBI can be a cause of a ADHD diagnosis does not mean the ADHD has the same physiological basis as a non-mTBI ADHD. Treating mTBI caused ADHD with stimulants will likely be a rough ro
  2. The every day clutter is my main problem - and I am a little OCD about liking things neat. So with kids here are some things I have done to help control it. -I have a few desk organizer type things on my kitchen counter to sort out mail, bills to be paid, to do item (RSVPs) etc. I keep my to-do lists and phone book there too. Home goods has a ton of nice wood and wicker ones. -We have a pottery barn style bench with baskets underneath by the front door. This holds the kids shoes, school stuff, my purse. We also have a row of hooks for hanging jackets. -I have light color floors and a lab so
  3. The psychologist who diagnosed both my son (6) and myself suggested we talk to his school about establishing an IEP at the beginning of the school year…he especially encouraged this since we are choosing, at this time, to not medicate. We haven’t started the process yet as I plan to ask about at at registration in a couple weeks. But I’ve done a lot of reading online about the subject and I’ve seen examples and actual IEPs that have been set up for children with ADHD and I’m torn. I wasn’t diagnosed until, well, now. I lean toward inattentive (straight ADD) and not hyperactive like my
  4. AS an allergic reaction almost hmmmmm. Double check the shot I don't think he can legally inject a live bacteria into you in the US. I don't think the shot has KLEB in it but am unsure of all the rules here. From his site"Since the other allergens and components in LDA are from pharmaceutical suppliers accepted by the FDA, Dr. Shrader did not want to include bacterial antigens in LDA. Please note: neither EPD nor LDA are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The absence of the bacteria from the general mixtures of LDA appears to make no difference"
  5. "73 physicians participated in the study at different centers (multi-center) in the USA and Canada. Patients were selected randomly for this study in many or most instances. However, a quite significant percentage of these of patients were selected because they had previously failed on treatment with both medications and conventional immunotherapy." " Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD) is a unique method of immunotherapy, developed in the 1960s, which involves treating all types of allergy with combinations of a large variety of extremely low dose allergens. EPD is a cell-mediated ty
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