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  1. Hi Tara Ts plus control costs around $70 for 600 capsules and your son would need about 10 a day and you would need about 15 (I think). If its going to work for you, you would see results after about 2 weeks. Bonnie has just moved house so they may have got behind on email etc. Why dont you call and leave a message when ever I do that they always call back. Great that you are making more of your own products! Sharon
  2. Hi Tara So what exactly are you giving your son to help detox him? is it just 1 thing or a few? When did you email Bonnie because its funny I emailed about ordering another batch of ts plus control as that has been great for stopping my sons tics naturally, anyway that was about 5 days ago and I havent heard back and last time they came back straight away so if you havent heard back either maybe they are away. It is sad that everythin is so toxic I agree and not only what we eat and breath in but also in many products that we use like most bubble baths, sun tan lotions etc. I was read
  3. Tara I am so thrilled for you I really am!! Its amazing how once we start getting all the 'crap' out of our kids bodies that they start to change and become more like the real them. His progress sounds amazing and just imagine in a few months from now what he will be like! My sons tics have completely gone now after 4 weeks and his concentration is improving all the time - he has had 4 heavy metal detox sessions and is taking magnesium & calcium supplements. I started on an Omega 3 fish oil supplement but his tics reappeared slightly and I have read on the forum that some kids have thi
  4. Hi Tara Well I have an update on my son after the taking the diet supplements for nearly 3 weeks - his tics have improved by over 90% he does the odd 1 or 2 twice a day now. I am amazed! Just before he started on the supplements that contain magnesium etc he had a hair analysis test which showed he was full of toxins and some heavy metals. Anyway 2 days ago he started a new treatment to rid his body of the heavy metals/toxins it’s a foot bath that uses Rife technology and ions (there is only 1 system in the world using Rife) – its salt water with a negative and positive current (coil)
  5. Hi there I was just reading your mesage that was posted early Jan, anyway I wanted to mention that you should check out http://bonniegr.com/products.htm The products were developed by a mom who was a clinical researcher and when one of her sons was diagnosed with Tourette's, ADD etc she didn’t sit back and take it and instead researched the conditions (how the brain works what it needs etc) and anyway to cut a long story short overtime she developed a brilliant combination of natural supplements and she cured him. She now manufactures the supplements. As you may know Tourette's, ADD etc are
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