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  1. I am reading all the posts and really starting to worry about my beautiful son he's 7 yrs old and has suddenly started counting letters in words on his fingers while talking At first I probably didn't notice but then he started pointing out to me that certain words were either odd or even. So I started to take note but not mentioning it to him to be honest I was impressed and thought wow what a talent. He's a good student get good grades and has never been a behavior problem so obviously I never would have thought that this is an actual problem. In all honesty Im terrible in Math and thought great he's going to be good in it but my sister pointed out that it was a sign of adhd and then a friend that it was ocd I don't know what to think should I be concerned at this stage or wait and see where it goes. I would hate to ignore it but would also hate to repress a tool he's possibly using to help him spell or become better in math whatever the case may be. Also I did recently just ask him why he did it and he said he doesn't know he just can't stop and that he likes odd numbers. So anyone with some insight please help a concerned mother.
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