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  1. We just had a parent teacher conference for my 6 year old. She commented on how she is not sure if he should be held back or not. He is having a hard time learning his letters and thier sounds. He is also having a hard time with his pencil grip. After researching pros and cons of retainment. I reasearched LD's. He has always been behind with most everything except walking. He is still in speech and just learned how to ride a tricycle last year. He also has a great interest in "how things work". Even when he was a baby he would just stare at his hand with a look of "how does it work". When he was over his hand he moved on to doors. He would open then close it and just look in wonder. Now that he is older I notice him studying how more mechanical things work like rides at a carnival. I think he shows the signs of dyslexia but I don't really see hime reversing the letters he knows "the typical signs". In my heart I feel there is something going on with him but then I wonder am I just looking into things too much? My brother was diagnosed with dyslexia, although he wont admit it. He thinks he just does not concentrate enough. I also asked my mom if she thinks she could have it. She has a hard time deciphering words like IHOP! She also transposes numbers she said. So I think that she may have it too. Does this sound like he could have dyslexia? I am having him tested in April. I am wondering though if it could just be another LD and if anyone has other thoughts. Thanks!
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