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  1. It sounds more like Tourette's to me, here's a checklist that may help you out. http://www.ocfoundation.org/uploadedfiles/maincontent/find_help/pandas%20fact%20sheet.pdf
  2. Yes, it does. Some kids are able to suppress, they get better as they get older although it is still hard. It does take a lot of concentration so I think your conclusion is quite likely.
  3. NAC is an over the counter supplement that you can try on your own if you're not accepted. Of course the monitoring would be awfully nice to have.
  4. We did vitamins first and I think it was a good choice, we started with Kids Natural Calm and that alone helped. I tend to be low key. We've done epsom salt baths and now we do other vitamins. We've also reduced dyes, HFCS and things like that but there's not 100% eliminated. My sons tics aren't bad now, we can live with where they're at. We'll see where it takes us. It does feel overwhelming at first but it helps to realize you don't need to do everything at once.
  5. Too much magnesium results in loose stools so it's really easy to tell if the dose is too high.
  6. I just took our son to an integrative physician and liked him a lot. I wanted someone who was knowledgeable on both conventional and natural treatment options. We're adding some more vitamins in and he recommended a diet plan. Since anxiety worsens my sons tics so much we're going to focus on that aspect and we'll go from there.
  7. HA, I have a similar genetic pool. Someone recommended Rescue Remedy to me recently. I didn't try it because it seems more for situational anxiety like you mention rather than generalized anxiety.
  8. Thanks. The pearls are a great idea. A friend mentioned tic tacs and, since I already told him we'd use tic tacs to learn pills, I'll try those first but otherwise we'll go with the pearls. He only had to spit out his food into a napkin once over Thanksgiving, which was pretty good. He does have a spitting tic that comes and goes, maybe they're interrelated. I need to get better at taking this a day at a time. For the last month it seems like every day brings us a new surprise. I did get paperwork from a physician that looks like a good fit so we can start that, that's good.
  9. Thanks so much for the welcome and feedback! I read this fact sheet on PANDAs and just don't see him in it. http://www.ocfoundat...act%20Sheet.pdf He had confirmed strep several times in kindergarten, none in first grade when I started seeing symptoms of Tourette's (not that he couldn't have, he's often asymptomatic with strep) and once so far this year. I did notice an increase in throat clearing after the strep but some other tics started after school. I noticed no improvement after antibiotics. In the past few weeks things have really kicked into high gear and he seems to be c
  10. Hi, My 8 year old son has a probable Tourette's diagnosis. We saw a neuro who said tics or Tourette's and gave us his definition and it's clearly Tourette's. He has multiple vocal and motor tics, throat clearing, had movement, touching his nostrils and ears, rubbing his tear ducts. Once he let out a scream and was confused as to why he did that. An interesting thing I've noticed is most tics seem bilateral, I don't know if that's typical. I've read about PANDAS as he does have a strep history but I'm seeing very little there that matches my son. We were in the process of evaluating him at
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