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  1. I found out who Dr. K is and will call him next week. We just went with the St. Louis doctor becasuse our pediatrician had sent other kids there who recieved a PANDAS diagnosis. I figured a neurologist who believes in the syndrome is better than one that doesn't. I am so puzzled. If this is really an autoimmune syndrome, then why are neurologists diagnosing and treating it?
  2. Thank you for pointing out what should be obvious to me. I tend to tiptoe around doctors because they are so crictical of everything we do. We had her evaluated for autism at age 5 and were given 10 different diagnoses that were not on the spectrum. We couldn't get any therapy for her because the pscyhologists inisted she had autism. Six months later, the same doctor decided she qualified as PDD-NOS which easily encompassed most of her other diagnoses. Now the social worker is puzzled because she doesn't exactly fit her idea of an autistic child either. Looking back, I can see that everyth
  3. Thanks so much for the great information. My younger daughter still has many tics and some OCD behaviors, too. Her handwriting has deteriorated since June, and she does puzzling things like refusing to hold on to her paper with her free hand. She has some selective mutism and PDD-NOS, so it is sometimes hard to determine what her behaviors come down to. The social worker told us initially that her tics were "bad habits" then changed her mind. The pscyhiatrist assumed she could improve with habit reversal therapy. The social worker let us know that was absurd. The older child took
  4. Hi, This is my first time posting on this forum and I am hoping for some direction. Last January, both of my daughters (age 9 and 10 at the time) developed one vocal and motor tic each immediately after a bad cold. The older child developed compulsive counting behaviors and separation anxiety. I did not think much of it since they had had minor tics in the past and OCD runs in the family. In June the younger daughter started having around 3 vocal tics simultaneously along with several complex motor tics. She had up to 100 vocal tics per minute so we consulted a couple of specialists.
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