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  1. Thank you for your replies, I will take them all into consideration. I am going to call about the study tomorrow to be sure about the qualifications. We will work on getting ourselves strep tested. Do you know if a oral swab is enough or ASO titers will be needed. As for the homeopathy we will proceed with caution if we go that route. Thanks for the advice!
  2. I am not sure which direction to go with my daughter. Has anyone had a very positive result with themselves or their child doing things naturally. (With vitamins, diet etc.) Feeling family pressure to treat her homeopathically but I am an RN and pull towards the medical side of things. Knowing the brief version of where my daughter is at might help with the advice. She had strep & scarlet fever in April, seperation anxiety started right away then symp. Were masked as she went on abx in May for a UTI. Then at the end of June early July things got out of control, OCD, handwashing, clo
  3. Hi, curious about your convo with Dr k. About why abx work when there is not an infection. Can you recall what he said. Also, this may sound strange, but also curious as to the cost of ivig treatment with Dr k. My ins. Does not cover ivig for PANDAS. We have bcbs of PA. Which is very frustrating bc they are a large ins company. I had emailed Dr k and he feels our next step should be ivig, but I don't know if we have the funds to proceed sadly enough! Not really sure what (or how) to do. Thanks for any of your input.
  4. His symptoms do sound like PANDAS to me as well. My daughter who is diagnosed with PANDAS did not have tics. She did exhibit OCD behaviors but not consistent. Her biggest symptom now is separation anxiety. I am not familiar with Dr. B as this is all new for us and we are still trying to find "good" help. Regardless if seeing just one more Dr will help your son I would go for it.... They could b the last Dr u need to see:). Best wishes!
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