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  1. I am also very appreciative of you sharing this. It is so much harder to pin the issue on the vaccine when there is a couple of months between the shot and the sudden onset. I take it that it was the first shot in early June, and then the 2nd shot 3 or so weeks later, and then the flare was late August. They typically don't follow issues after 6 weeks, which is a problem because then anything that happens after 6 weeks is immediately dismissed (which is very wrong, in my opinion). Have you considered reporting the event to the VAERS data base? Anyone can report. There is also a survey for P/P patients and reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine being run by the International Pans Registry (IPR). My guess is that she would have to sign up herself to do it. I don't know if there is anything in the survey criteria that would exclude your daughter, but it is very important (from a science point of view) for this kind of story to get included in such a study, and at VAERS (even though they will tend to discount on account of the timing).
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