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  2. L-theanine

    Hi! My naturopath recommended L-theanine for tics for my 9yo? Has anybody heard about this? Have you used it?
  3. will these tics ever go away?

    We use a toothpaste made by Tom's of Maine that makes a childrens toothpaste dye and preservative free. Also Dial makes a Kids hair and body wash that is tear free and dye free. We get ours at Walmart but i think most major retailers have it.
  4. our neurologist explained that tics feel like urges that they have to do, kinda like an itch. So your son's explaination of needing to pop the balloon makes sense. Anxiety is a trigger for my son as well. While we were on vacation this past summer, we stayed on the top floor of a hotel. Every time we left the room he glanced through the railing down over the edge and would have a verbal tic that was a quick "er". It was one of his tics that has come and gone a few times now. My son has bad allergies and asthma as well, grass being the worst. Allergy and decongestant medicines are triggers for him. Singulair and benadryl being the worst. He can take levocetirizine and nasal sprays for a short time without problems. He also gets allergy shots at the moment. He had very bad verbal and motor tics back in October and we think it was triggered by an increase in the concentration of the dose as well as the frequency. We just started getting the shots again but giving more time between shots. We are nervous about starting them back up but they have really helped his allergies and asthma. I'll include your son in my prayers!
  5. Hallucinations, RADON?

    We did have her tested by some integrative practitioner. She mentioned a slight EMF sensitivity. Gave her some magnet/stone to help. She did tell me that the FEAR of EMF is more than the actual sensitivity. Looks we are headed into some anxiety etc..... Oh well...
  6. Yesterday
  7. I’m glad it went away for your son, it’s been 4 weeks of worry for me I use bath salts for him everyday before school and bed and occasionally use a spray which he finds stings so I use it when he’s asleep. I give him a multi vitamin that contains 75mg of magnesium and iron. When I asked him why he does that with his head he said it felt like a balloon that needed popping and he had to do it to popthe balloon. i think anxiety triggers his because this morning on the way to school he got spooked by a cat and he did a few head jerks after.seems school is stressing him. He seems to be back to square 1 where it’s a few minutes head jerks sigh. I’m praying it goes away soon.
  8. They started 4 weeks ago out of nowhere. It’s disturbing to watch and it confuses him , some days he says it makes him upset that he can’t stop it and some days it makes his head fuzzy and neck hurts. I’m hoping it goes soon. However I also worry that something even worse will show up He had allergy tests done before and his main issue is grass allergy which causes red itchy and dry He has eye allergies . Which he uses an eye drop twice a day but since it has been winter we haven’t been using it much , he also takes a daily anti allergy medicine in summer / spring. His allergy test showed he has a dairy , nut, dust, pet hairs, soya allergy although to a minimum the main was grass which was 89%
  9. Clerodendrum inerme

    Hi there, please join the Facebook group Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes for information on where to purchase either Clerodendrum inerme plants or the homeopathic remedy Clerodendrum inerme. Thanks to information gathered from this site A.C.N. we have made great progress in finding lots more about this plant. Many of us have tried it as fresh green juice, dehydrated and encapsulated or as the homeopathic remedy. We have found it does ameliorate Tourette's, tic disorders and associated comorbids very considerately.
  10. Hallucinations, RADON?

    When we are away from home, it never happens. I'll be calling for another radon test today. Any functional or integrative medicine doc will say YES to EMF sensitivity. If you get on Pubmed, research shows different things, but since I spend every spare minute researching health issues, the one thing I can tell you is research outcomes are determined by whoever funds the study! That being said, my son, who is probably autistic, doesn't say much, NEVER complains, we have a terrible time knowing if he is uncomfortable, etc.,... when we moved here and he would go into the room with the Comcast router/modem, he would come out and say he didn't know why, but his head hurt. I was shocked, as he NEVER mentions any ills unless I quiz the heck out of him! Our doctor is a general practitioner, but her adult kids are on the spectrum, and her son had the same issues, and he uses something to sheild it and it works for him. You might want to try mercola.com, I'm sure he has some info on dangers of wifi. Plus we already know too much cell phone use causes brain cancer, and of course no one believed that when the idea first came out... As far as avoidance, there are lots of docs posting how to avoid it. Some people put their router on a timer and shut it down for the night for a break. You should never have a tablet, phone or computer, or even your alarm clock next to your bed. Some people that get sick from it go so far as hardwiring everything, instead of wifi, like in the "good ol days"! Yes, the canary in the coal mine is definitely real. Such as our mold issue. About 25% of people have the genetics where they don't clear the mycotoxins, so you can have a room full of people, and only a few will get sick from it. Thankfully, with epigenetic studies, these people aren't labelled "hypochondriacs". Actually, I'm the the one that made the connection with our dd. She didn't know why she would get sick, but she finally realized after years of getting sick that mold was the trigger. There are many sites on how to protect yourself from EMF. Hard to know which ones are legit... you might want to try a European site, they seem to be much further ahead of us when it comes health issues.
  11. Our Journey

    I wanted to detail our journey in hopes we may get feedback or be able to help others. We don’t have an official diagnosis yet but we are fairly certain it will be diagnosed as TS. My son is almost 5 and over the last 6 weeks blinking started. In the last 7 days it’s moved to various other areas including arms, nose squishing, burping, throat clearing, clicking tongue, and verbal tics. I’m going to list all the details in hopes it may help figuring out the cause or solutions In retrospect about 1 year ago he started sniffing his hand for 2 months or so and wiping across his nose. We didn’t think much about it then and it went away. He did have 2 falls about a week before all of this started as well (one on the driveway and one down a few steps). I just ordered both books from the website and starting 4 days ago we started changing his diet. He’s always been a very picky eater but would primarily eat organic. He loved cheese and yogurt and would have several servings each day. He also loved bread/sweets and certain fruits and vegetables (primarily apples, carrots, strawberries, bananas, cucumbers.....that’s all but lots and lots of them). We tried to limit the bread and sweets but in retrospect he had too many. He would also have 1 serving of meat per day (hamburger, turkey burger, or lamb). He did also eat oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, sunflower seeds and organic hotdogs He would eat pasta with butter but would never touch any sauce, condiment of any sort. Very picky with textures. No green leafy veggies, no smoothies, no veggies other than listed above really. No chicken or seafood ever, no other fruits other than those listed (he really ate about 10 things and that’s it. Looking back his magnesium intake seems far too low. But there are some things that changed prior to the eye blinking that could be correlated. He broke his leg landing on a trampoline (straight down not twisted) and also has terrible cavities. To me this is a sign of a dietary problem. We tried to cut out a lot of the phytic acid to improve the mineral absorption for his teeth. I realize now this also likely cut out much of thof magnesium he was getting (by cutting the oatmeal, buckwheat, seeds). On top of that he was getting the wrong doasage of vitamin D over the last few months and definitely getting too much. I’ve read that can alter magnesium absorption. Hes had way too much screen time in general but more so over the last several months. It seems to be a huge trigger and where we first noticed the blinking primary. He’s always been ultra healthy, he’s never had a medication, never had a fever more than 24 hours and almost never sick. He did have a 1 day fever about 4-6 weeks back and has been stuffy off and on but so has the whole family. Not much reason to suspect infection but I guess we cannot rule it out. Just had a blood panel done for vitamins and minerals but no results yet. Strep tests all came back negative (just rapid test and the one they send off but not antibodies tested). Started with some changes in his diet over the last few days. First cut out all dairy (aside from a little ghee and butter) and gluten and all sweets/bread/pasta/sugary foods. Just starting yesterday we cut out all foods high in salicylates. Made bone broth with the marrow and used it as the base for his buckwheat. Also added back in sunflower seeds, buckwheat, rice, while trying to get healthy fats in the base of those foods. We’ve also started a magnesium and b6 supplement, he drinks a few ounces of the Kids Calm but doesn’t like it that much. Just started epsom salt baths and magnesium cream. ————————————————————— Starting 2 days ago we’ve been logging everything we possibly can. Yesterday was first day of very restricted diet. Things flared a lot 2 days ago when he ate a gluten free cookie. Yesterday he was off the wall with energy and tics were moderate throughout the day. Behavior was worse than normal. All personality traits, cognitive abilities and that sort of thing have remained the same.
  12. Hi gaga, my 7yr old son has tics and they tend to get worse when he is overly tired or having an allergy flare up. He had the head jerking tic this past December that caused him headaches. His neuoroligist had prescribed a 250mg magnesium supplement and we noticed it made him very tired and moody. We stopped giving it to him and within a day noticed improvements in his mood and energy. We also gave him some ibuprofen to help with the headaches and help him sleep better. After a few days his head jerking tic eased up to where it wasnt causing head aches and went away after a few weeks. We still give him magnesium baths occasionally to help calm him down before bed time. He has other tics that he does as well but they arent as pronounced and bothersome for him. His iron levels were very low as well and takes an iron suplement. Its helped with his quality of sleep. My wife and I worry if his tics will get worse. What has helped ease our worry some is that we have kept a journal to find out what triggers his tics. We also found a good neorologist that is willing to take the time to help us. When my son was 4yrs old his tics started and his GP said they were habits and not to worry. We didnt accept that answer and thats when we started looking for a neorologist.
  13. Hi! I'm so, so happy that I found this forum. Just picked up the Natural Treatment for Tics & Tourettes book a few days ago and I'm so glad I did. I am the mother of a 15 month girl, and absolutely frightened because she is exhibiting multiple motor tics. This all started on January 29th, the same day she learned to walk. I was video taping her to show my folks that she was eating with her fork and noticed she did a few odd head jerks. I caught it on video and showed my parents and husband that day but all anyone was focused on was the amazing miracle of our little one walking on her own. I brushed it off, but had a bad feeling about it. I'm with her 24/7 since I took postpartum time off and now I work from home and take care of her, so I feel like I have a very good grasp of her personality and eccentricities. The head jerk tic continued, and she did it while walking as well, almost as if she was trying to balance herself. It continued, so I made an appointment with her pediatrician for Feb 6th. Her doctor viewed the video and said it was a tic, but nothing to be concerned about, that I should cut out all TV time for a week to be safe. Our daughter doesn't really even watch that much TV. 10 minutes tops a day while I change her diaper or clip her nails. This was when she only had one tic. Still, I did what she said, but more tics started to develop, even with zero screen time. She went through several days of very odd long eye blinks which almost seemed to disorient her for a moment while she either ate or walked. She had a head flailing movement which leaned for left. Others came and seem to go since her first tic Jan 29th. I told our pediatrician via a phone call about all of this on the following Tuesday, and mentioned that I had / have OCD (not as bad as when I was between 4-10 years old). The doctor then quickly made a referral. I was referred to CHLA to see the neurologists there and we went Feb 19th. The two neurologist there (very nice, but sadly not helpful), were really surprised that someone this young was indeed exhibiting tics, but had little advice or ideas as to what to do, other than "wait it out." I also showed them a video of my daughter when she was about 7 months old. We had to get an EEG for her because we thought she might be exhibiting seizures, her head was nodding forward almost like she was about to fall asleep, but with her eyes open. Now the neurologists felt like those were actually tics, at 7 months! Our daughter also fell out of our bed January 11th. It was terrifying and she busted open her nose/mouth, we rushed her to the ER. Everyone there reassured us that there was no need to do any scans, and that the best place for her to fall with on her face. Thank goodness she healed quickly. I asked them about Magnesium supplementation and was told that it's a fairly recent topic in their radar. I told them about her ticcing in her sleep. We bedshare, and now are too scared to sleep train out of fear that it will make her tics much worse. I also told them about her terrible sleep since birth, the fact that she's teething with 5-7 teeth coming in (4 of which are molars), and about her HORRIBLE digestive issues. Our daughter is chronically constipated, no matter how organic and well we feed her. She has a good high fiber diet. None of this seemed to worry them, or seem like read flags. I've read about the potential of Dysbiosis, her possibly being allergic to gluten (so we have cut it out but still haven't seen much of a difference), switched to goat milk which she didn't really like, and stopped all her organic pouch foods that have preservatives. Now we only do cold pressed pouch food which we rarely feed her but they at least have zero preservatives. I'm so sorry to post such a long letter, but I'm very worried. I'm just not sure what the next steps for my daughter should be, should we really wait it out?? I am asking specifically if 15 months is way too early to be exhibiting tics (since 3yo seems to be when the are detected earliest), and does this mean that she has a much higher chance of having Tourettes? Does this mean her chances of these tics becoming chronic higher? I can't find anything in the forums here, or anywhere online about a child this young. We have an appointment with an allergist this following Monday and was hoping I can have some help figuring out which tests specifically he should run. Lastly, are there any Naturopathic/holistic doctors or pediatric nutritionists in the Los Angeles area I can be recommended? THANK YOU so so much, and am so happy to find this forum / the incredible books. It seems like tics/tourettes are so under documented and reported and most doctors just don't know much about it. I can't believe that "wait and see if it goes away," and "if it doesn't there are really strong drugs with horrible side effects we can try," is all most of the medical community is willing to do.
  14. Hair loss at 17?

    Thanks Sheila for your suggestions. I will look into an endocrinologist. Thanks to your book and the many moms and dads suggestions, my son is doing well. I discovered his tics were triggered by food, environment and chemical allergies. I was able to find the specific allergens to treat his vocal tics via NAET. It was an amazing process the witness. Since the liver regulates bilirubin and testosterone, I was wondering if there is a connection. Can my son's autoimmune related issue like eczema and psoriasis cause the body to attack its hair follicle? His GI dr. recommended sulforaphane to reduce his bilirubin. I am hoping once the liver functions properly it will regulate and balance the testosterone, estrogen and DHT to restore his hair. Am I reaching here? He has been getting acunpuncture treatments every 2 weeks and on 5,000mg of biotin for about 5 months and he is still slowly receding. I am reluctant to have him use Rogaine but he wants to try it. It is difficult to accept when you are so young and he is off to college this year.
  15. Hi GaGa, When did your son develop head/neck tic? How long has it been going on? Do you see an allergy connection? Epsom salt bath will help with detox and relax his muscle. Use 2C of salt per bath and sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to drink filter water after to facilitate detoxification. I would suggest you find a craniosacral practitioner to help your son ease his head/neck tic because it is gentle and noninvasive. I totally understand what you are going thru. Hang in there.
  16. Hallucinations, RADON?

    Would relocating her for a short time to a different place be an option? Suppose you go on vacation for a week, and see the difference. Wondering about Canary in the Coalmine as well...... My daughter claims to have an EMF sensitivity and is having trouble in the workplace, with anxiety, headaches etc being triggered by it. No one else in the place is having this trouble. Wondering about it. Any input? (I ordered a toumarline (sp?) necklace from Amazon to neutralize this energy, but still..... And what else can we do? Avoidance of cell phones and computers are not really an option...
  17. After years of strep you will need a blood test, not a throat swab. You should look for ASO Strep Titers, and DNAse B (strep antibodies). If both are high, and you have not had a recent strep, this would be indicative of Pandas. There has been some speculation, including on this forum, that aluminum toxicity can cause high strep titers to cross the blood brain barrier, and thereby causing PANDAS. Dr. Horowitz recommends Malic Acid Chelate for Aluminum removal, and Selenium for mercury; if these might be a problem.
  18. Is she taking a regular probiotic, and if so, which one(s)? I would suggest trying sachromycces boulardi ("sach b"), sold in most drug stores under the brand name Florastor, as well as under its organism name via other brands such as Jarrow (you can get it at Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe). Sach b is a "beneficial yeast" that supposedly helps crowd out and kill off troublesome yeast organisms like candida. Another intervention we used about once a week when DS was taking abx and probiotics was some bentonite clay. This can be purchased in powder form at Whole Foods. We would stir about a tablespoon into a glass of juice and he would take it before bed; it made the juice a little grainy, but there was no negative impact on flavor. Supposedly, the clay helps "sweep" the intestinal tract of detritus, die-off, etc. and promote a better environment for the beneficial flora to populate. I don't know if that supposition holds up under research, but I will say that it seemed to benefit our DS. He was taking abx and probiotics regularly for nearly two years, and we did not have any yeast or c-diff issues. Good luck!
  19. Yes sirena, i found the book of horowitz on amazon and i'm gonna buy it. It seems very helpful. My question is If i do a strep test, is it possible to be positive even after years of strep?
  20. Thank you everyone. Since i stopped the antibiotics, i m taking vitamin c 1000mg, methyl folic acid 400mg, b6 50 mg, d3 4000iu with k2 50mg, magnesium 300 mg, fish oil (1 tea spoon) along with probiotics ( acidophilus and s. Boulardi) burbur pinella (30-40 drops/day) and water lemon. The healing process it is like i slowly discover a new world. I am now sure i had whatever it is always and as the days pass i discover new things of my true self, although i still have flashbacks of my past. I read a scientific article about lyme and personalities disorders such as narcissism. I found a lot of common things so it would be very interesting to hear your opinions. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1534650106295847?journalCode=ccsa
  21. Would love any referrals for PANDA docs and/or LLMD's within either Southern or Northern California. All PM's so much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  22. Last week
  23. Hi Gaga, don't worry too much. My son has more tics when he was 7, 8 or 9. It began to diminish now when he gets older (teenager now). I found that when my son had beef when he was young, he had head jerking. When we stopped giving him the beef, his head jerking stopped, but it would take like 2 weeks to completely go away. He no longer has jerking now even he has little bit of beef. I found out the probiotic, multivitamin, sesame oil, sweet potato, dairy free diet, coconut water help him a lot. Hope these help. I understand it is hard for a mom to see her child experience all these.
  24. Hi- I know you are worried about your son. My daughter developed a tic early on (around that age) and was mostly head nodding (so bad some times that her neck hurt). We took her to many doctors and nothing seemed to help. I noticed her tics were worse when she was overly tired or stressed. She's 16 now and very rarely do I see any tics. It's hard to watch, but hang in there.
  25. Hi Sirena- what makes you say that autoimmunity is in play, how can you tell? He is off gluten because genetic tests indicated that he should be. We haven't done IVIG- or really even talked about it with our doctor.
  26. DD has been on several abx over the last few months for a variety of illnesses, but her PANDAS symptoms have been relatively under control. After the the last round of abx to treat an ear and respiratory infection, her PANDAS symptoms have flared like NEVER before. She usually responds well to ibuprofen during a flare and I can get her back under control pretty quickly, but this time nothing I do is helping. Everyday her rage and emotional lability is worse. And her tics are bad, and she’s up at night multiple times. I think she had a vagknsl yeast infection during the last abx but i thought it seemed much better after a few vinegar baths. I’m wondering if this flare is due to her gut flora being off from all the abx or maybe due to yeast. How can I correct this??
  27. My 7 year old developed a head jerk tic a day after falling at school (not sure if related) X-rays were clear . I showed his GP a video of this head jerk and he said it’s behavoural just ignore it will go away. It’s been so hard for me to accept that this is happening. I recently had a baby who is colicky nd cries a lot so that’s one change that’s happened. I have noticed that he has become more sensitive and moody since this tic started he sometimes says things like no one loves me Anymore. Other people don’t seem to notice the tic and I’ve been told I’m overreacting, my husband doesn’t thinks there is a problem he doesn’t notice it that much but he’s quite busy. i don’t discuss the tics with my son unless he mentions them for example today he was doing a funny dance with his head and said ohh mummy it looks like I’m doing this (doing the tic). Then I said ohh so you still do that then he said yes, I asked if it hurts and he said yes and pointed at the back of his neck. I then offered to give massage then he said no thanks , and no to icepack so I have him pain relief instead. I asked why he doesn’t tell me if it hurts then he ignored me ,, he doesn’t like to talk about it I guess. I’m devestated for him I worry for his future. He is on vitamin supplements with magnesium as well as bath salts and a magnesium spray . I have made changes to diet but that’s hard so taking it slowly. He goes to school which he hates , I don’t think other kids have noticed much although the teacher has told me she noticed the tic. he still does his activities he loves swimming , football etc notice him ticking there i still can’t help but worry for his future if it will get worse as I have noticed him doing weired sounds although not loud and also a shoulder shrug. I’m so depressed and I can’t stop googling symptoms.
  28. Hallucinations, RADON?

    Our adult PANS dd is having auditory and visual hallucinations, ONLY at night, and ONLY in her lower level bedroom. These did not occur in our previous home. Our current home had very high levels of radon when we purchased it, but a mitigation system was installed. We are in the process of having it checked to see if it is working properly. So, I know hallucinations can be a part of PANDAS/PANS, but her's are ONLY at night, and have only been in this home and only in the lower level. Has anyone else had something similar going on? We've ruled out her sleep meds, as it occurs with different kinds, and usually the hallucinations don't happen until early morning. She's the "canary in a coalmine"...she has the dreaded HLA genes, so I'm wondering about other toxins. We're pretty sure there is no mold down there, as mold usually causes her migraines and vomiting, for days, and this is not occurring. Anyone else dealing with PANDAS/PANS in a high radon area?
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