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  • The unique, 5-stage Candida treatment plan designed with Dr. Eric Wood
  • 4 eBooks packed full of strategies and advice to reduce and eliminate your Candida
  • More than 40 delicious recipes to help you beat your Candida
  • Printable shopping lists for each stage of the diet
  • 10-part email course to guide you through your treatment
  • A detailed look at the 8 different factors that could be causing your Candida symptoms
  • An easy-to-understand timeline describing exactly when to start each part of your treatment
  • The definitive guide to probiotics and how they should fit into your Candida treatment
  • Money-saving tips that will reduce the cost of your treatment
  • Two questionnaires to help you diagnose your Candida (plus a list of the tests that your doctor can give you)
  • Full lists of Foods To Eat and Foods To Avoid—no more confusion about what you can eat!
  • A guide to Candida Die-Off (and some great strategies for avoiding it!)
  • Alternative therapies that can expel the Candida toxins and relieve your symptoms
  • A list of our favorite 28 Candida-fighting foods
  • Automatic access to any future updates or improvements that we make to the program
  • Tips for a long term, healthy diet plan that will prevent your Candida from coming back, ever!

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